Madden 12 Roster Update #16 Details


The EA team has released their latest roster update for Madden NFL 12.

To see the entire update, click here.

For the Chiefs, as you can imagine, the news is grim. KC did not have their best outing of the season against the New York Jets and the ratings were adjusted accordingly. Here’s the damage:

Tyler PalkoQBKCDecrease, from 67 to 66OVR
Demorrio WilliamsLBKCDecrease, from 76 to 74OVR
Casey WiegmannOLKCDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Kendrick LewisSKCDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Kelly GreggDLKCDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Ryan LiljaOLKCDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Le’Ron McClainFBKCDecrease, from 86 to 84OVR
Brandon CarrCBKCIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Branden AlbertOLKCIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR

Madden frustrates me. As far as I can remember, Demorrio Williams hardly played. How he could have been so bad as to drop two points I will never know.

The Kendrick Lewis decrease seems like nitpicking. They just bumped him up a point and now they are taking it away? Why bother? I feel like a player should have to be good for a couple of weeks or bad for a couple of weeks before seeing a change.

I am happy to see Carr get a bump. I think it is deserved.

Lastly, I think Albert is way overrated here. I’d say his is a solid 85 but 90? It’s taken guys like DJ and Tamba forever to get to the 90’s. Not buying Albert being that high.

Full update details after the jump.

O’Brien SchofieldLBARZDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Kevin KolbQBARZDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Paris LenonLBARZDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Todd HeapTEARZDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Beanie WellsHBARZDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
David CarterDLARZIncrease, from 67 to 68OVR
Levi BrownOLARZIncrease, from 69 to 72OVR
John SkeltonQBARZIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Patrick PetersonCBARZIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Calais CampbellDLARZIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Adrian WilsonSARZIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Larry FitzgeraldWRARZIncrease, from 96 to 97OVR
Kevin KolbQBARZLowered on depth chart (injury)
John SkeltonQBARZMoved to QB #1 on depth chart
Mike PetersonLBATLDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
William MooreSATLDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Dunta RobinsonCBATLDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Sam BakerOLATLDecrease, from 85 to 83OVR
Matt BosherPATLIncrease, from 67 to 69OVR
Mike CoxFBATLIncrease, from 67 to 70OVR
Chris OwensCBATLIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Julio JonesWRATLIncrease, from 81 to 83OVR
Sean WeatherspoonLBATLIncrease, from 86 to 88OVR
Tyson ClaboOLATLIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
James SandersSATLMoved to SS #1 on depth chart
William MooreSATLMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Michael OherOLBALDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Cary WilliamsCBBALIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Paul KrugerLBBALIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Jimmy SmithCBBALIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Jameel McClainLBBALIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Cory ReddingDLBALIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Vonta LeachFBBALIncrease, from 91 to 93OVR
Terrell SuggsLBBALIncrease, from 97 to 98OVR
Ray LewisMLBBALMoved to MLB #1 on depth chart
Brad SmithWRBUFDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Bryan ScottSBUFDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
George WilsonSBUFDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Ryan FitzpatrickQBBUFDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Chris KelsayLBBUFIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Chad RinehartOLBUFIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Marcell DareusDLBUFIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Scott ChandlerTEBUFLowered on depth chart (injury)
Lee SmithTEBUFMoved to TE #1 on depth chart
Mike CaussinTEBUFMoved to TE #2 on depth chart
Fendi OnobunTEBUFSigns
Darius ButlerCBCARDecrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Dan ConnorLBCARDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Greg HardyDLCARDecrease, from 81 to 79OVR
Charles GodfreySCARDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Olindo MareKCARDecrease, from 86 to 84OVR
Jason ShirleyDLCARIncrease, from 62 to 67OVR
Jordan SennLBCARIncrease, from 63 to 65OVR
Byron BellOLCARIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Mackenzy BernadeauOLCARIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Chris GambleCBCARIncrease, from 91 to 93OVR
Charles JohnsonDLCARIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Ogemdi NwagbuoDLCARMoved to DT #3 on depth chart
Jason ShirleyDLCARMoved to DT #4 on depth chart
Jason WilliamsLBCARMoved to LOLB #2 on depth chart
Sione FuaDLCARRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Terrell McClainDLCARRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Jason PhillipsLBCARRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Ogemdi NwagbuoDLCARSigns
Draylen RossTECHIAdded to the game
Lance LouisOLCHIDecrease, from 70 to 68OVR
J’Marcus WebbOLCHIDecrease, from 71 to 69OVR
Roberto GarzaOLCHIDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Earl BennettWRCHIDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Devin HesterWRCHIDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Chris SpencerOLCHIDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Lance BriggsLBCHIDecrease, from 93 to 92OVR
Edwin WilliamsOLCHIIncrease, from 66 to 70OVR
Craig SteltzSCHIIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Amobi OkoyeDLCHIIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Adam PodleshPCHIIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Henry MeltonDLCHIIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Charles TillmanCBCHISpectacular Catch increase, 65 to 77
Nick HaydenDLCINDecrease, from 67 to 66OVR
Brandon JohnsonLBCINDecrease, from 75 to 73OVR
Michael JohnsonDLCINDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Robert GeathersDLCINDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Thomas HowardLBCINDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Nate LivingsOLCINIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Manny LawsonLBCINIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Kyle CookOLCINIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Rey MaualugaLBCINIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Andrew WhitworthOLCINIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Jonathan FaneneDLCINMoved to DT #3 on depth chart
Nick HaydenDLCINMoved to DT #4 on depth chart
Clint BolingOLCINMoved to RG #1 on depth chart
Otis HudsonOLCINMoved to RG #2 on depth chart
Pat SimsDLCINRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Bobbie WilliamsOLCINRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Nick HaydenDLCINSigns
Shawn LauvaoOLCLEDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Usama YoungSCLEDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Colt McCoyQBCLEDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Jabaal SheardDLCLEDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Sheldon BrownCBCLEDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Scott PaxsonDLCLEIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Tony PashosOLCLEIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Brad MaynardPCLEIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Orlando ScandrickCBDALDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Marcus SpearsDLDALDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Abram ElamSDALDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Terence NewmanCBDALDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Jason WittenTEDALDecrease, from 97 to 96OVR
Jason HatcherDLDALIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Laurent RobinsonWRDALIncrease, from 80 to 82OVR
Felix JonesHBDALIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Tyron SmithOLDALIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Sean LeeLBDALIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Felix JonesHBDALMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Sammy MorrisHBDALMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Mana SilvaSDALMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Phillip TannerHBDALRemoved from depth chart (injury)
DeMarco MurrayHBDALRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Barry ChurchSDALRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Chauncey WashingtonHBDALSigns
Sammy MorrisHBDALSigns
Mana SilvaSDALSigns
Jonathan WilhiteCBDENDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Rahim MooreSDENDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Ryan McBeanDLDENDecrease, from 76 to 74OVR
Zane BeadlesOLDENDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Eric DeckerWRDENDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Chris KuperOLDENDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Matthew WillisWRDENIncrease, from 64 to 67OVR
Chris HarrisCBDENIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Orlando FranklinOLDENIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Marcus ThomasDLDENIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Tim TebowQBDENIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Matt PraterKDENIncrease, from 81 to 85OVR
Brodrick BunkleyDLDENIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
D.J. WilliamsLBDENIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Demaryius ThomasWRDENMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Eddie RoyalWRDENMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Kyle McCarthySDENReleased
Tony CarterCBDENSigns
Gosder CherilusOLDETDecrease, from 81 to 79OVR
Corey WilliamsDLDETDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Stephen TullochLBDETDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Calvin JohnsonWRDETDecrease, from 97 to 96OVR
Keiland WilliamsFBDETIncrease, from 64 to 71OVR
Titus YoungWRDETIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Alphonso SmithCBDETIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Eric WrightCBDETIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Ndamukong SuhDLDETMoved to DT #1 on depth chart
Aaron BrownHBDETNow wears #35
Jovan HayeDLDETReleased
Jovan HayeDLDETSigns
Derek SherrodOLGBDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Erik WaldenLBGBDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
B.J. RajiDLGBDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Jermichael FinleyTEGBDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Tramon WilliamsCBGBDecrease, from 93 to 92OVR
Robert FrancoisLBGBIncrease, from 61 to 63OVR
C.J. WilsonDLGBIncrease, from 64 to 66OVR
D.J. SmithLBGBIncrease, from 65 to 67OVR
T.J. LangOLGBIncrease, from 77 to 79OVR
Ryan GrantHBGBIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Scott WellsOLGBIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Greg JenningsWRGBLowered on depth chart (injury)
Jordy NelsonWRGBMoved to WR #1 on depth chart
James JonesWRGBMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Tim DobbinsLBHOUDecrease, from 67 to 66OVR
Antonio SmithDLHOUDecrease, from 85 to 83OVR
Wade SmithOLHOUDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
T.J. YatesQBHOUIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Connor BarwinLBHOUIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Eric WinstonOLHOUIncrease, from 89 to 91OVR
Chris MyersOLHOUIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Mike BrisielOLHOULowered on depth chart (injury)
Antoine CaldwellOLHOUMoved to RG #1 on depth chart
Jeff MaehlWRHOUMoved to WR #4 on depth chart
Jeff GarciaQBHOUNow wears #7
Derrick MasonWRHOUReleased
Juaquin IglesiasWRHOUReleased
Brett HartmannPHOURemoved from depth chart (injury)
Matt TurkPHOUSigns
Trindon HollidayWRHOUSigns
Mike HolmesCBINDAdded to the game
Zac DilesLBINDChanged position to LOLB (was ROLB)
A.J. EddsLBINDChanged position to MLB (was LOLB)
Ernie SimsLBINDChanged position to ROLB (was MLB)
Ernie SimsLBINDDecrease, from 71 to 69OVR
Dan OrlovskyQBINDDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Ricardo MathewsDLINDDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Jeff LinkenbachOLINDDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Anthony CastonzoOLINDDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Tyler BraytonDLINDDecrease, from 76 to 74OVR
Pat AngererLBINDDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Pierre GarconWRINDDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Reggie WayneWRINDDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Jeff SaturdayOLINDDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
David CaldwellSINDIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Joe ReitzOLINDIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
Ricardo MathewsDLINDMoved to DT #3 on depth chart
Zac DilesLBINDMoved to LOLB #2 on depth chart
A.J. EddsLBINDMoved to MLB #2 on depth chart
Kevin BentleyLBINDMoved to MLB #3 on depth chart
Ernie SimsLBINDMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
Scott LutrusLBINDMoved to ROLB #3 on depth chart
Drake NevisDLINDRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Kevin BentleyLBINDSigns
Scott LutrusLBINDSigns
DuJuan HarrisHBJAXAdded to the game
Nick HarrisPJAXDecrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Uche NwaneriOLJAXDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Akwasi Owusu-AnsahSJAXIncrease, from 59 to 63OVR
Kevin RutlandCBJAXIncrease, from 59 to 65OVR
Chastin WestWRJAXIncrease, from 62 to 63OVR
Kassim OsgoodWRJAXIncrease, from 63 to 64OVR
Jarrett DillardWRJAXIncrease, from 63 to 65OVR
Brock BolenFBJAXIncrease, from 64 to 68OVR
Leger DouzableDLJAXIncrease, from 68 to 72OVR
Will RackleyOLJAXIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Russell AllenLBJAXIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
Jeremy MinceyDLJAXIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Greg JonesFBJAXIncrease, from 86 to 88OVR
Daryl SmithLBJAXIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Maurice Jones-DrewHBJAXIncrease, from 96 to 97OVR
Mike ThomasWRJAXLowered on depth chart (suspension)
Cecil ShortsWRJAXLowered on depth chart (suspension)
Ashton YoubotyCBJAXMoved to CB #1 on depth chart
Kevin RutlandCBJAXMoved to CB #2 on depth chart
Akwasi Owusu-AnsahSJAXMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Jarrett DillardWRJAXMoved to WR #1 on depth chart
Kassim OsgoodWRJAXMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Chastin WestWRJAXMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Schuylar OordtTEJAXReleased
T.J. HeathCBJAXRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Chris ProsinskiSJAXRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Morgan TrentCBJAXSigns
Robert McClainCBJAXSigns
David JonesCBJAXSigns
Tyler PalkoQBKCDecrease, from 67 to 66OVR
Demorrio WilliamsLBKCDecrease, from 76 to 74OVR
Casey WiegmannOLKCDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Kendrick LewisSKCDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Kelly GreggDLKCDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Ryan LiljaOLKCDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Le’Ron McClainFBKCDecrease, from 86 to 84OVR
Brandon CarrCBKCIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Branden AlbertOLKCIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Nate GarnerOLMIADecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Marc ColomboOLMIADecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Davone BessWRMIADecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Mike PounceyOLMIADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Matt MooreQBMIADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Will AllenCBMIADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Richie IncognitoOLMIADecrease, from 82 to 79OVR
Jason TaylorLBMIADecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Yeremiah BellSMIADecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Tyrone CulverSMIAIncrease, from 65 to 66OVR
Reshad JonesSMIAIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Phillip MerlingDLMIAIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Brandon FieldsPMIAIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Karlos DansbyLBMIAIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Joe WebbQBMINDecrease, from 66 to 65OVR
Lorenzo BookerHBMINDecrease, from 66 to 65OVR
Christian PonderQBMINDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Cedric GriffinCBMINDecrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Charlie JohnsonOLMINDecrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Jamarca SanfordSMINDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Chad GreenwayLBMINDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Kyle RudolphTEMINIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
John SullivanOLMINIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Steve HutchinsonOLMINIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Jared AllenDLMINIncrease, from 96 to 97OVR
Adrian PetersonHBMINMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Toby GerhartHBMINMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Emmanuel ArceneauxWRMINMoved to WR #4 on depth chart
Stephen BurtonWRMINRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Deion BranchWRNEDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Logan MankinsOLNEDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Tracy WhiteLBNEIncrease, from 65 to 67OVR
Mark AndersonDLNEIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Devin McCourtyCBNEIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Andre CarterDLNEIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Rob GronkowskiTENEIncrease, from 93 to 95OVR
Eric MooreDLNEMoved to LE #3 on depth chart
Jermaine CunninghamDLNERemoved from depth chart (injury)
Eric MooreDLNESigns
Jed CollinsFBNODecrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Roman HarperSNODecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Aubrayo FranklinDLNODecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Zach StriefOLNOIncrease, from 76 to 79OVR
Jermon BushrodOLNOIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Shaun RogersDLNOIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Kevin BootheOLNYGChanged position to C (was LG)
Jacquian WilliamsLBNYGDecrease, from 69 to 67OVR
Aaron RossCBNYGDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Deon GrantSNYGDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Prince AmukamaraCBNYGDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Ahmad BradshawHBNYGDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Justin TuckDLNYGDecrease, from 93 to 92OVR
Henry HynoskiFBNYGIncrease, from 63 to 67OVR
Brandon JacobsHBNYGIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Jason Pierre-PaulDLNYGIncrease, from 89 to 91OVR
Eli ManningQBNYGIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Kenny PhillipsSNYGLowered on depth chart (injury)
Kevin BootheOLNYGMoved to C #1 on depth chart
Mitch PetrusOLNYGMoved to LG #1 on depth chart
Tony UgohOLNYGMoved to LT #2 on depth chart
Tyler SashSNYGMoved to SS #1 on depth chart
Derrick MartinSNYGMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Tony UgohOLNYGNow wears #70
Chase BlackburnLBNYGNow wears #93
Stacy AndrewsOLNYGRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Tony UgohOLNYGSigns
Nick FolkKNYJDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Wayne HunterOLNYJDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Marcus DixonDLNYJIncrease, from 60 to 62OVR
T.J. ConleyPNYJIncrease, from 60 to 64OVR
Donald StricklandCBNYJIncrease, from 68 to 69OVR
Shonn GreeneHBNYJIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Bart ScottLBNYJIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Nick MangoldOLNYJIncrease, from 97 to 98OVR
Jeremy KerleyPRNYJMoved to PR #1 on depth chart
Brodney PoolSNYJMoved to SS #1 on depth chart
Gerald AlexanderSNYJMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Jim LeonhardSNYJRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Ricky SappLBNYJSigns
Gerald AlexanderSNYJSigns
Lito SheppardCBOAKDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
T.J. HoushmandzadehWROAKDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Michael HuffSOAKDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Carson PalmerQBOAKDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Tommy KellyDLOAKDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Richard SeymourDLOAKDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Jarvis MossDLOAKIncrease, from 69 to 70OVR
Desmond BryantDLOAKIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Cooper CarlisleOLOAKIncrease, from 80 to 82OVR
Jared VeldheerOLOAKIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Casey MatthewsLBPHIDecrease, from 67 to 65OVR
Jason KelceOLPHIDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Owen SchmittFBPHIDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Ronnie BrownHBPHIDecrease, from 80 to79OVR
Mike PattersonDLPHIDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Phillip HuntDLPHIIncrease, from 63 to 68OVR
Alex HeneryKPHIIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Darryl TappDLPHIIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Derek LandriDLPHIIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
DeSean JacksonWRPHIIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Jason BabinDLPHIIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Asante SamuelCBPHIIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Trent ColeDLPHIIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Jason PetersOLPHIIncrease, from 93 to 96OVR
Jeremy MaclinWRPHIMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Steve SmithWRPHIRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Chris KemoeatuOLPITDecrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Marcus GilbertOLPITDecrease, from 76 to 73OVR
Hines WardWRPITDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
James FarriorLBPITDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Jason WorildsLBPITIncrease, from 68 to 70OVR
Jeremy KapinosPPITIncrease, from 69 to 70OVR
Steve McLendonDLPITIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
David JohnsonFBPITIncrease, from 69 to 75OVR
William GayCBPITIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Antonio BrownWRPITIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Lawrence TimmonsLBPITIncrease, from 87 to 89OVR
Brett KeiselDLPITIncrease, from 90 to 92OVR
James HarrisonLBPITLowered on depth chart (suspension)
Jason WorildsLBPITMoved to ROLB #1 on depth chart
Jonathan DwyerHBPITRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Mortty IvyLBPITSigns
Tommie HarrisDLSDDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Shaun PhillipsLBSDDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Nick NovakKSDIncrease, from 68 to 71OVR
Jared GaitherOLSDIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Antwan BarnesLBSDIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Travis LaBoyLBSDIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Antoine CasonCBSDIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Nick HardwickOLSDIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Luis CastilloDLSDRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Raheem BrockDLSEADecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Leroy HillLBSEADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Paul McQuistanOLSEAIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Golden TateWRSEAIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Doug BaldwinWRSEAIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Brandon BrownerCBSEAIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Alan BranchDLSEAIncrease, from 81 to 83OVR
Kam ChancellorSSEAIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Marshawn LynchHBSEAIncrease, from 88 to 90OVR
Ron ParkerCBSEARemoved from depth chart (injury)
Jonathan GoodwinOLSFDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Braylon EdwardsWRSFDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Ahmad BrooksLBSFDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Alex SmithQBSFDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Carlos RogersCBSFDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Vernon DavisTESFDecrease, from 92 to 91OVR
Frank GoreHBSFDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Alex BooneOLSFIncrease, from 52 to 58OVR
Kyle WilliamsWRSFIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Anthony DavisOLSFIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Isaac SopoagaDlSFIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Aldon SmithLBSFIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Chris SmithCBSTLAdded to the game
Brady PoppingaLBSTLDecrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Darian StewartSSTLDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Jason BrownOLSTLDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Sam BradfordQBSTLDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Justin BannanDLSTLDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
C.J. Ah YouDLSTLIncrease, from 63 to 67OVR
Lance KendricksTESTLIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Gary GibsonDLSTLIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Harvey DahlOLSTLIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Chris LongDLSTLIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Chris SmithCBSTLMoved to CB #4 on depth chart
Nate NessCBSTLReleased
Marquis JohnsonCBSTLRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Kellen ClemensQBSTLSigns
Tom BrandstaterQBSTLSigns
Daniel Te’o-NesheimDLTBChanged position to RE (was LE)
Kregg LumpkinHBTBDecrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Luke StockerTETBDecrease, from 71 to 69OVR
Roy MillerDLTBDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Jeremy TruebloodOLTBDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Geno HayesLBTBDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Sean JonesSTBDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Josh FreeemanQBTBDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Michael KoenenPTBDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Erik LorigFBTBIncrease, from 65 to 68OVR
Quincy BlackLBTBIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Jeremy ZuttahOLTBIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Albert HaynesworthDLTBIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Frank OkamDLTBMoved to DT #4 on depth chart
Da’Quan BowersDLTBMoved to LE #1 on depth chart
Michael BennettDLTBMoved to LE #2 on depth chart
Daniel Te’o-NesheimDLTBMoved to RE #2 on depth chart
Nick ReedDLTBMoved to RE #3 on depth chart
John McCargoDLTBRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Tim CrowderDLTBRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Nick ReedDLTBSigns
Kevin MalastLBTENAdded to the game
William HayesDLTENDecrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Leroy HarrisOLTENDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Shaun SmithDLTENDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Chris HopeSTENDecrease, from 87 to 85OVR
Tim ShawLBTENIncrease, from 56 to 59OVR
Akeem AyersLBTENIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Jake LockerQBTENIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Nate WashingtonWRTENIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Jake ScottOLTENIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Michael GriffinSTENIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Javon RingerHBTENLowered on depth chart (injury)
Jamie HarperHBTENMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Colin McCarthyLBTENMoved to MLB #1 on depth chart
Tim ShawLBTENMoved to MLB #2 on depth chart
Kevin MalastLBTENMoved to MLB #3 on depth chart
Barrett RuudLBTENRemoved from depth chart (injury)
DeJon GomesSWASDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Kevin BarnesCBWASDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Ryan TorainHBWASDecrease, from 71 to 68OVR
Darrel YoungFBWASDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Chris ChesterOLWASDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Adam CarrikerDLWASDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Ryan KerriganLBWASDecrease, from 85 to 83OVR
DeAngelo HallCBWASDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Evan RoysterHBWASIncrease, from 64 to 65OVR
Will MontgomeryOLWASIncrease, from 68 to 71OVR
Donte StallworthWRWASIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Stephen BowenDLWASIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Roy HeluHBWASIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Chris BakerDLWASMoved to DT #3 on depth chart
Evan RoysterHBWASMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Ryan TorainHBWASMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Dominique ByrdTEWASMoved to TE #2 on depth chart
Richard QuinnTEWASMoved to TE #3 on depth chart
Chris BakerDLWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Fred DavisTEWASRemoved from depth chart (suspension)
Dominique ByrdTEWASSigns
Chris BakerDLWASSigns
Richard QuinnTEWASSigns
Brandon BanksWRWASUpdated Handedness to Left-handed