Kyle Orton To Receive 40% Of Practice Snaps For KC Chiefs


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told a group of Chicago media members that Kyle Orton will receive 40% of the team’s practice snaps today in preparation of the team’s game against the Bears.

Tyler Palko, the starter for the last two games, will receive 60%.

Sorry, Ricky Stanzi. You lose.

Obviously a lot of folks are wondering who will start for the Chiefs on Sunday. Orton is the obvious choice. The only problem is that he may not have enough time to properly learn the offense to be effective.

Having never played QB (other than in Madden) I have absolutely no idea how quickly Orton will be able to pick up a reasonable amount of plays and develop chemistry with his receivers.

Chances are, even an Orton that is not fully up to speed on the offense will be better than the  noodle-armed, interception machine that is Tyler Palko.

Even though Haley told the media it will be a 60/40 split that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what is going to happen. It does Haley no good to tell the world (and the Bears) who his starter will be Sunday. If I were him, I’d have Palko take the snap during the media portion of practice (about 10 minutes or so) and then as soon as the cameras were gone I’d get Palko a clipboard and Orton a football.

What do you think, Addicts? Hair Bands or Neck Beards?