Will Kyle Orton Start For The KC Chiefs Next Week?


Ever since the Kansas City Chiefs claimed QB Kyle Orton off of waivers from the Denver Broncos, the writing has been on the wall. Kyle Orton will be the starting QB for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The only question is when?

For those complaining last evening that Orton was not active, I assure you, he would not have made a difference. While Orton probably could not have played worse than Palko did against the Steelers, it is very doubtful he would have been able to play any better. We all saw what happened when the Oakland Raiders tried to rush Carson Palmer into the lineup vs. the Chiefs. Palmer only knew a couple of plays and simply was not prepared.

So will Orton be able to start this week for the Chiefs? We’ll hear from Todd Haley, after the jump.

“Like I said, Tyler’s the starter,” Haley told reporters at his daily press conference Monday.

“But, as we do every week at every position, if we feel Kyle or Ricky gives us a better chance to win then we surely would make that change,” Haley added.

It is going to take Orton time to learn the entire playbook, but my guess is that the Chiefs will make things rather easy on him with their game plan for Chicago. Orton and Palko will both be taking first-team snaps in practice this week, and as long as Orton seems to be getting the hang of things, I would imagine Haley will start him Sunday.

It isn’t like the Chiefs have been asking Tyler Palko to do anything overly elaborate while running the offense. If Orton can learn enough plays to run the game plan, he will likely give the Chiefs a better shot than Palko.

Even if Palko does start Sunday, I could easily foresee a situation where he gets yanked after a couple of poor throws.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Haley start Orton Sunday or will he try to hang with Palko one more week in order to give Orton more time to learn the plays?