Broncos Release Orton, Chiefs Could Be Interested


The Denver Broncos have chosen to officially move on from Kyle Orton and have released the veteran QB earlier today.

Hours after the news broke, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that he is hearing both the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears could be interestied in putting in a claim on Orton.

Glazer’s “report” came in the form of a tweet. While he may actually have a source on this, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is mere guess-work. It doesn’t take a genius, or a source for that matter, to figure out that the two teams who most recently lost their starting QB might be interested in picking up the best QB currently available.

Regardless of  where the information comes from, if it is true and the Chiefs and Bears both put in a waiver claim on Orton, the Chiefs would be awarded his services because they have a worse record than Chicago.

Do I think the Chiefs should do it? Find out, after the jump.

I absolutely think the Chiefs should put a claim in on Kyle Orton.

Is he the best QB in the world? No.

Would he be the best QB on the roster if he became a Chief? Probably.

Orton isn’t that much of a different QB than Matt Cassel. He is a bit more prone to throw interceptions, but he would fit into Kansas City’s offensive system quite nicely.

If the Chiefs were planning on playing Ricky Stanzi for the rest of the season, then I would say they should forget about Orton and continue to evaluate their young players. As it stands, however, the Chiefs are not planning on playing Stanzi. They are trotting Tyler Palko out onto the field. Palko has no future with the team. He won’t tell us anything about the future. He’ll be merely a placeholder until the end of the season.

Picking up Orton would indicate that the Chiefs are still trying to win the AFC West.

The Chiefs should still be trying to win the AFC West. The division is volatile enough that 8-8 or even 7-9 might get it done. If the Chiefs’ current odds of winning the division are nonexistent, having Orton under center probably raises those odds to very, very slim but at least there is still a chance.

Wouldn’t be nice to know that Scott Pioli is actually alive? Isn’t his motto “substance over sizzle?” I mean, hell, if Kyle Orton is anything it’s substance ’cause he sure as shit ain’t sizzle.

Thus I call for Slow Po to put in a claim on the neck-bearded one. If he stinks it up, they can sit him down next to Palko and let Stanzi take a run at it.

What do you think, Addicts? Should Pioli take a chance on Orton?