Arrowhead Stadium Continues To Impress


Going to Arrowhead Stadium has long been touted as being one of the best game day experiences in the NFL. From the BBQ and tailgating to the sea of red roaring and pounding their seats, Arrowhead is certainly a thrilling experience.

While fans of the Chiefs might be expected to say Arrowhead is one of the best places to take in a football game, it is also good to know that outsiders share that same view.

The good folks over at Stadium have reviewed Arrowhead Stadium again this year and the results are certainly positive. They attended the Monday Night Football game on Halloween night and based on their review, Arrowhead put it’s best foot forward.

These “negatives” – Kansas Citians are proud to admit – are considered anything but at Arrowhead Stadium. The crowd is as engaged and locked into the action on the field as any you’ll find. They chant, cheer, and boo seemingly in unison with unmatched aplomb. They high-five and chest-bump strangers. They curse like sailors. They mock followers of the opposition, not always in good nature. They scream incessantly for the defense. And it’s all taken to another level on third downs, in the fourth quarter, and under the lights.

There’s a reason why opposing players hate coming to Arrowhead and the Chiefs have such a sterling home resume, and it begins and ends with this obsessed, crazy, almost-rabid group of people – the best fans in the NFL.

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