Chiefs vs. Broncos: Inactives


The Kansas City Chiefs have released their inactives while I was out frantically finishing my grocery shopping so I could spend the rest of the day drinking beer, watching football and recording live radio shows.

The really, REALLY good news is that Quick Draw Jon McGraw and Javier Arenas will play today! That means less Shabby Piscitelli, less Donald Washington and more crying Tim Tebow!

The inactives are the usual suspects with the exception of Williams, who is injured.

Inactives: 13 Stanzi, 53 Williams, 68 Maneri, 83 Urban, 88 Becht, 90 Bair, 95 Powe

Demorrio isn’t really a loss because he generally only plays on special teams. Actually, come to think of it, him being out might be a plus considering all he usually does on special teams is get called for stupid penalties.

Powe and Stanzi are evidently not as valuable as Shabby and Donnie Washington. Cause you know, if something happens to Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko, Shabby can definitely step in and play QB.

See ya at the live game chat in about 45 minutes. I gotta set my fantasy team.