Babb: Cassel Has Cast On Right Hand


Kent Babb of the KC Star is reporting that Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel left the stadium with a cast on his right (throwing) hand. Cassel’s middle and index finger were immobilized.

Cassel appeared to hurt his hand on a play where he was sacked late in the 4th quarter.

This could be seriously bad news for the Chiefs. They’ll have an extra day t0 prepare because they will be playing the Patriots on Monday Night Football next week, but it sure doesn’t sound good. Tyler Palko would start in Cassel’s place.

Prior to his post-game interview, Cassel had an ice pack on his hand. He took the ice pack off his hand while talking to reporters. Cassel also said he would be ready to play in eight days on MFN. The cast was added after Cassel talked to the media.

Looks like the long awaited Matt Cassel, Tom Brady showdown may have to wait.