Elderly Woman Wakes To Find Chargers Fan Passed Out On Her Couch


According to the San Diego Tribune, an 81-year old woman living in Pacific Beach, California woke this morning to find a strange man in a San Diego Chargers Jersey passed out on her couch.

As you can imagine, the women was shocked to find that not only do Chargers fans exist, there was a drunk one on her freaking couch. The man was arrested and charged with being drunk in public.

Before we rush to judgement here, I think we should try to consider how this man may have ended up in a stranger’s house, asleep on their couch.

My first thought was that maybe he got stabbed at the game.

Then again, perhaps the man was just drunk and distraught after the Chargers dropped their fourth straight game on Thursday night. I mean, would you want to go out in public in a powder blue Chargers jersey?

Update: We’re now hearing from a source that the man in question was indeed Philip Rivers. According to our source, he returned home from the game last night to find his wife had changed the locks on the front door. Reporters are on hand, however Mrs. Rivers has yet to emerge from the Rivers compound. Carson Palmer was seen leaving the residence earlier this morning but he had no comment for reporters.