Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Talks About The Broncos


Todd Haley had a lot to say about the Denver Broncos today in his press conference. Here is a bit of what he said on Tim Tebow and the evolving Denver offense:

Offensively, I think you have to start with Tim Tebow. I think he’s done a terrific job in there. Like I said, they’re getting more and more comfortable as are most teams in the NFL. I know our team [is]. Each and every week you can see it on tape. They’re finding an identity. That identity is to run the football for a lot of yards, make plays in the passing game when their great run ability creates and allows that, and they’ve got a number of good receivers. I think you can see this [Eric] Decker is a good, young player, good at his position, makes a lot of plays, gets the ball thrown his way a bunch. Eddie Royal is a dangerous, dangerous receiver and returner. We’ll get to that in a minute. Demaryius Thomas is a good, young receiver, up and coming that has had some injury issues, but when he’s out there, he looks pretty good. In the running game, when you have a quarterback that can run the ball the way that Tim does, it creates major issues for defenses, as you see on tape.

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