Chiefs vs. Dolphins: Inside The Enemy Camp


The Kansas City Chiefs will look for their fifth straight win this Sunday when the winless Miami Dolphins come to Arrowhead Stadium. On paper, it might look like the Chiefs should breeze through this game but in the NFL, no opponent is an easy out.

To help you get ready for Sunday’s game, I sat down with Brian Miller of Phin Phanatic, FanSided’s award-winning Dolphins site. I can quite honestly say PP is the best Miami Dolphins site on the planet. It is also one of the most popular FanSided NFL sites, as well as one of the most popular FanSided sites period. Brian was actually the network’s first writer! He’s been around and he’s been one of the best for a long time.

Phin Phanatic has a thriving community and I highly, highly suggest you drop by and respectfully talk shop (and maybe a little bit of trash) with them.

Now, let’s go Inside the Enemy Camp with Phin Phanatic!

Andrew Luck. You guys obviously have a legit shot at the #1 pick. Some fans really hate the idea of losing to win. Where do you stand on the issue? 

Personally, I can’t root against the Dolphins and I think that despite what some fans will say they can’t either. With that being said, I also can not root for below mediocre play.  The Dolphins this year haven’t shown much heart or desire to really go out and win and if they can’t play to win, I can’t root for that play.  I know it sounds like I’m sitting on both sides of the fence but I want Miami to win a game that they go out and play to win not win simply because the other team made more mistakes.  In other words, winning 3-0 isn’t going to cut it and I would rather have a shot at Andrew Luck.

What are your thoughts on Sporano? Is he a good coached saddled with some questionable personnel moves or just a bad coach who can’t make the most of the talent he’s been given? 

Sparano is my favorite coach since Don Shula, which unfortunately doesn’t say a whole lot.  The truth is, he is a very likeable coach and he doesn’t play games.  I have spoken with him personally each of his four seasons in Miami and he knows his stuff.  But he lacks the savvy calling of a coach who really knows the game day situations.  He tends to be too into numbers and not enough into what really matters at times.  As for the personnel on the field, Sparano is a victim, in my opinion of poor management by Parcells and Jeff Ireland.  The two of them gave him talent but no leaders and with no leaders you can’t win.  These players play more like they are waiting for someone else to step up and make a play.  They are support players and that has hurt Sparano.

 I wanted the Chiefs to take Daniel Thomas as a compliment to Jamaal Charles. How excited are you about this kid’s future? 

Hard to honestly say.  He literally only has been on the field every other week as he battles a hamstring injury.  He has looked good at times and lost at times and honestly he has shown enough to warrant fans to get a little excited but we haven’t seen enough to know for sure that he will be the real deal or an under performer.  He simply hasn’t been on the field enough.

Which is better? Sporano’s porn stache or Haley’s hobo beard? 

Sparano sports a goatee not a porn-stache…that moniker belongs forever to Dave Wannstedt.  The Goat gets the win here as Haley looks like he is a kid who is afraid to shave because it may not grow back.

Do you think with a QB and some other minor changes the Phins can turn things around quickly or do you think they need a huge re-build? I think a QB and a new head coach will do wonders with the talent on this team.  They need an identity and a few impact play makers or leaders will help this team evolve.  But they need to gain an identity as teams more often than not emulate their coaches and in Miami they emulate Sparano and while he is a good guy and knowledgeable coach, he is not someone who inspires a group of guys consisting of players who don’t lead.

What is your prediction for Sunday’s game? 

I actually think the Dolphins have a chance to win this.  Their backs are against the wall and I think they match up well but if they can’t keep the Chiefs down they will lose it in the end.  The Dolphins haven’t figured out “How” to win yet and that doesn’t breed confidence.  So I will go with the Chiefs by 3.  21-18