Madden NFL 12 Roster Update #9 Details


The folks at EA Sports have released the latest roster update for Madden NFL 12.

You can see the full Madden NFL 12 roster update details here.

As for the Kansas City Chiefs, there were a lot of ratings bumps for individual players following the team’s convincing win over the Oakland Raiders on the road last week.

Jackie Battle continues to rise, going from a 70 to a 72 overall. Kendrick Lewis inched closer to the 80s going from 75 to 78. Glenn Dorsey jumped a point from 81 to 82. Brandon Carr also jumped from 81 to 82, and his buddy Brandon Flowers jumped two points from 90 to 92. Punter Dustin Colquitt moved up from 88 to 89. Even Barry Richardson got a boost, moving from 78 to 79. He is vastly overrated in my opinion. He’s a 73 at best.

The only decrease went to Dexter McCluster, who dropped from 74 to 73.

My biggest complaint is that ILB Derrick Johnson only jumped from 86 to 87 overall. I’ve thought DJ was ranked low all season and my opinion certainly hasn’t changed after his game in Oakland. I think Johnson is a solid 90.

Full details are after the jump.

Chester TaylorHBARZDecrease, from 73 to 70OVR
A.J. JeffersonCBARZDecrease, from 75 to 73OVR
Stewart BradleyLBARZDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Kevin KolbQBARZDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Adrian WilsonSARZDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Larry FitzgeraldWRARZDecrease, from 96 to 95OVR
Alfonso SmithHBARZIncrease, from 60 to 64OVR
Sam AchoLBARZIncrease, from 64 to 66OVR
Levi BrownOLARZIncrease, from 67 to 69OVR
Darryl WashingtonLBARZIncrease, from 75 to 78OVR
Beanie WellsHBARZLowered on depth chart (injury)
Alfonso SmithHBARZMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Early DoucetWRARZMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Andre RobertsWRARZMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Garrett ReynoldsOLATLDecrease, from 69 to 67OVR
William MooreSATLDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Matt RyanQBATLDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Corey PetersDLATLIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Sean WeatherspoonLBATLIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Brent GrimesCBATLIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Michael TurnerHBATLIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Will SvitekOLATLMoved to LT #2 on depth chart
Mike CoxFBATLNow wears #40
Ovie MughelliFBATLRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Mike JohnsonOLATLRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Mike CoxFBATLSigns
Kirk ChambersOLATLSigns
Joe FlaccoQBBALDecrease, from 88 to 86OVR
Billy CundiffKBALDecrease, from 90 to 87OVR
Ray RiceHBBALDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Haloti NgataDLBALDecrease, from 98 to 97OVR
Matt BirkOLBALIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Arthur MoatsLBBUFChanged position to ROLB (was LOLB)
Eric WoodOLBUFIncrease, from 80 to 83OVR
Chris KelsayLBBUFMoved to LOLB #1 on depth chart
Danny BattenLBBUFMoved to ROLB #1 on depth chart
Arthur MoatsLBBUFMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
Antonio ColemanLBBUFNow wears #59
Tim TooneWRBUFReleased
Shawne MerrimanLBBUFRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Jay RossDLBUFSigns
Antonio ColemanLBBUFSigns
DeAngelo WilliamsHBCARDecrease, from 88 to 86OVR
Jason PhillipsLBCARIncrease, from 64 to 67OVR
Antwaan ApplewhiteDLCARIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Jonathan StewartHBCARIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Cam NewtonQBCARIncrease, from 83 to 85OVR
Chris GambleCBCARIncrease, from 87 to 89OVR
Charles JohnsonDLCARIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Steve SmithWRCARIncrease, from 94 to 96OVR
Chris HarrisSCHIDecrease, from 87 to 84OVR
Chris ConteSCHIIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Roy WilliamsWRCHIIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Matt ForteHBCHIIncrease, from 92 to 94OVR
Julius PeppersDLCHIIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Chris ConteSCHIMoved to FS #1 on depth chart
Nick ReedDLCHIMoved to LE #3 on depth chart
Chris SpencerOLCHIMoved to RG #1 on depth chart
Edwin WilliamsOLCHIMoved to RG #2 on depth chart
Lance LouisOLCHIMoved to RT #1 on depth chart
Frank OmiyaleOLCHIMoved to RT #2 on depth chart
Major WrightSCHIMoved to SS #1 on depth chart
Chris HarrisSCHIMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Craig SteltzSCHIMoved to SS #3 on depth chart
Nick ReedDLCHINow wears #94
Mario AddisonDLCHINow wears #96
Levi HornOLCHIRemoved from depth chart (P-Squad)
Dan SkutaLBCINIncrease, from 53 to
Mike NugentKCINIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Rey MaualugaLBCINLowered on depth chart (injury)
Bernard ScottHBCINMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Brian LeonardHBCINMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Dan SkutaLBCINMoved to MLB #1 on depth chart
Cedric BensonHBCINRemoved from depth chart (suspension)
Mohamed MassaquoiWRCLEDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Tony PashosOLCLEDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Josh CribbsWRCLEDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Brad MaynardPCLEDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Peyton HillisHBCLEDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Buster SkrineCBCLEIncrease, from 60 to 63OVR
Jayme MitchellDLCLEIncrease, from 68 to 72OVR
Dimitri PattersonCBCLEIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Montario HardestyHBCLEIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Greg LittleWRCLEIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Chris GocongLBCLEIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Jabaal SheardDLCLEIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
T.J. WardSCLEIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Ahtyba RubinDLCLEIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
D’Qwell JacksonLBCLEIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Joe ThomasOLCLEIncrease, from 96 to 98OVR
Joe HadenCBCLEMoved to CB #1 on depth chart
Sheldon BrownCBCLEMoved to CB #2 on depth chart
Mike AdamsSCLEMoved to FS #1 on depth chart
Usama YoungSCLEMoved to FS #2 on depth chart
Chris OgbonnayaHBCLEMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Doug FreeOLDALDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Miles AustinWRDALDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Phil CostaOLDALIncrease, from 64 to 66OVR
Montrae HollandOLDALIncrease, from 69 to 74OVR
DeMarco MurrayHBDALIncrease, from 71 to 78OVR
Dan BaileyKDALIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Marcus SpearsDLDALIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Mike JenkinsCBDALIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Abram ElamSDALIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Dez BryantWRDALIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Tony RomoQBDALIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
DeMarco MurrayHBDALMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Kevin OgletreeKRDALMoved to KR #1 on depth chart
Montrae HollandOLDALMoved to LG #1 on depth chart
David ArkinOLDALMoved to LG #2 on depth chart
Dwayne HarrisWRDALSigns
Orlando FranklinOLDENDecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Chris HarrisCBDENIncrease, from 60 to 63OVR
Jonathan WilhiteCBDENIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Tim TebowQBDENIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Brodrick BunkleyDLDENIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Von MillerLBDENIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Chris KuperOLDENIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Willis McGaheeHBDENLowered on depth chart (injury)
Knowshon MorenoHBDENMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Lance BallHBDENMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Nick FairleyDLDETDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Nate BurlesonWRDETDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Amari SpieveySDETIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
DeAndre LevyLBDETIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Ndamukong SugDLDETIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Jahvid BestHBDETLowered on depth chart (injury)
Maurice MorrisHBDETMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Maurice MorrisHBDETMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Eldra BuckleyHBDETNow wears #45
Nathan OverbayTEDETReleased
Joe Jon FinleyTEDETReleased
Matt ClappFBDETReleased
Jerome HarrisonHBDETRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Eldra BuckleyHBDETSigns
Matt ClappFBDETSigns
Don CareyCBDETSigns
Nathan OverbayTEDETSigns
James HarrisonHBDETTrade voided with PHI – back to DET
Ryan GrantHBGBDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Tim MasthayPGBIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Mason CrosbyKGBIncrease, from 76 to 80OVR
James StarksHBGBIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Charles WoodsonCBGBIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Greg JenningsWRGBIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Alex GreenHBGBRemoved from depth chart (injury)
DeMeco RyansLBHOUDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Brice McCainCBHOUIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
Ben TateHBHOUIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
J.J. WattDLHOUIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Owen DanielsTEHOUIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Chris MyersOLHOUIncrease, from 86 to 88OVR
Matt SchaubQBHOUIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Arian FosterHBHOUIncrease, from 91 to 93OVR
Danieal ManningSHOULowered on depth chart (injury)
Troy NolanSHOUMoved to FS #1 on depth chart
Shiloh KeoSHOUMoved to SS #2 on depth chart
Andre JohnsonWRHOUMoved to WR #1 on depth chart
Trindon HollidayWRHOUReleased
Torri WilliamsSHOUSigns
Javarris WilliamsHBHOUSigns
Quintin DempsSHOUSigns
Curtis PainterQBINDDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Dan MuirDLINDDecrease, from 73 to 71OVR
Kavell ConnerLBINDDecrease, from 79 to 77OVR
Dallas ClarkTEINDDecrease, from 92 to 89OVR
Reggie WayneWRINDDecrease, from 93 to 92OVR
Robert MathisDLINDDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Delone CarterHBINDIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Pat McAfeePINDIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Joe ReitzOLINDLowered on depth chart (injury)
Seth OlsenOLINDMoved to LG #1 on depth chart
Mike TepperOLINDMoved to RT #2 on depth chart
David GilreathWRINDReleased
Kerry CollinsQBINDRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Chris GronkowskiFBINDRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Michael ToudouzeOLINDSigns
Jamey RichardOLINDSigns
Jeremy MinceyDLJAXIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Derek CoxCBJAXIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Josh ScobeeKJAXIncrease, from 81 to 85OVR
Daryl SmithLBJAXIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Dexter McClusterHBKCDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Jackie BattleHBKCIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Kendrick LewisSKCIncrease, from 75 to 78OVR
Barry RichardsonOLKCIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Glenn DorseyDLKCIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Brandon CarrCBKCIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Derrick JohnsonLBKCIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Branden AlbertOLKCIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Dustin ColquittPKCIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Brandon FlowersCBKCIncrease, from 90 to 92OVR
Jeremy HorneWRKCReleased
Anthony BechtTEKCSigns
Kevin BurnettLBMIADecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Mike PounceyOLMIADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Matt MooreQBMIAIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Reggie BushHBMIAIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Paul SoliaiDLMIAIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Cameron WakeLBMIAIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Karlos DansbyLBMIAIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Sage RosenfelsQBMIARemoved from depth chart (injury)
J.P. LosmanQBMIASigns
Asher AllenCBMINDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Christian PonderQBMINIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Michael JenkinsWRMINIncrease, from 77 to 79OVR
Jared AllenDLMINIncrease, from 96 to 98OVR
Asher AllenCBMINMoved to CB #3 on depth chart
Michael JenkinsWRMINMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Stephen BurtonWRMINMoved to WR #5 on depth chart
Bernard BerrianWRMINReleased
Chris CookCBMINRemoved from depth chart (suspension)
Albert HaynesworthDLNEDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Josh VictorianCBNEReleased
Malcolm WilliamsCBNESigns
Brian De La PuenteOLNOChanged position to C (was LG)
Devery HendersonWRNODecrease, from 79 to
Tracy PorterCBNODecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Jonathan VilmaLBNODecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Tom JohnsonDLNOIncrease, from 62 to 65OVR
Leigh TorrenceCBNOIncrease, from 68 to 70OVR
Brian De La PuenteOLNOIncrease, from 68 to 73OVR
Jed CollinsFBNOIncrease, from 70 to 73OVR
Patrick RobinsonCBNOIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Darren SprolesHBNOIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Marques ColstonWRNOIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Drew BreesQBNOIncrease, from 97 to 98OVR
Brian De La PuenteOLNOMoved to C #1 on depth chart
Olin KreutzOLNORetired
Tory HumphreyTENOSigns
Alex DanielsFBNYGSigns
Garrett McIntyreLBNYJChanged position to LOLB (was ROLB)
Aaron MaybinLBNYJChanged position to ROLB (was LOLB)
Calvin PaceLBNYJDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Aaron MaybinLBNYJIncrease, from 61 to 63OVR
Marquice ColeCBNYJIncrease, from 62 to 65OVR
Muhammad WilkersonDLNYJIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Kyle WilsonCBNYJIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Shonn GreeneHBNYJIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Mark SanchezQBNYJIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Plaxico BurressWRNYJIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Martin TevaseuDLNYJMoved to DT #3 on depth chart
Garrett McIntyreLBNYJMoved to LOLB #2 on depth chart
Aaron MaybinLBNYJMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
Eron RileyWRNYJMoved to WR #5 on depth chart
Colin BaxterOLNYJReleased
Matt KroulOLNYJReleased
Logan PayneWRNYJRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Martin TevaseuDLNYJSigns
Desmond BryantDLOAKChanged position to RE (was DT)
Kyle BollerQBOAKDecrease, from 68 to 66OVR
Louis MurphyWROAKDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Denarius MooreWROAKDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Carson PalmerQBOAKDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Darryl BlackstockLBOAKIncrease, from 61 to 65OVR
DeMarcus Van DykeCBOAKIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Jarvis MossDLOAKMoved to RE #1 on depth chart
Desmond BryantDLOAKMoved to RE #2 on depth chart
Dave RaynerKOAKReleased
Matt ShaughnessyDLOAKRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Zach HurdOLOAKSigns
Jerome BoydSOAKSigns
Dave RaynerKOAKSigns
Ronnie BrownHBPHITrade voided with DET – back to PHI
Max StarksOLPITChanged position to LT (was RT)
Jerrico CotcheryWRPITDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Rashard MendenhallHBPITDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Steve McLendonDLPITIncrease, from 65 to 69OVR
Emmanuel SandersWRPITIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Antonio BrownWRPITIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Ike TaylorCBPITIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Mike WallaceWRPITIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Ben RoethlisbergerQBPITIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Max StarksOLPITMoved to LT #1 on depth chart
Aaron SmithDLPITRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Antonio GarayDLSDDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Antoine CasonCBSDDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Vincent JacksonWRSDDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Quentin JammerCBSDDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Philip RiversQBSDDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Donald ButlerLBSDIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Larry EnglishLBSDLowered on depth chart (injury)
Mike TolbertHBSDMoved to 3DRB #1 on depth chart
Curtis BrinkleyHBSDMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Jordan TodmanHBSDRemoved from depth chart (P-Squad)
Jarriel KingOLSEAChanged position to LT (was RT)
Golden TateWRSEADecrease, from 71 to 69OVR
Charlie WhitehurstQBSEADecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Justin ForsettHBSEADecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Mike WilliamsWRSEADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Richard ShermanCBSEAIncrease, from 60 to 63OVR
K.J. WrightLBSEAIncrease, from 70 to 73OVR
Red BryantDLSEAIncrease, from 78 to 81OVR
Jon RyanPSEAIncrease, from 83 to 86OVR
David HawthorneLBSEAIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Chris ClemonsDLSEAIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Richard ShermanCBSEAMoved to CB #2 on depth chart
Byron MaxwellCBSEAMoved to CB #3 on depth chart
Leon WashingtonHBSEAMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Justin ForsettHBSEAMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Jarriel KingOLSEAMoved to LT #2 on depth chart
Tarvaris JacksonQBSEAMoved to QB #1 on depth chart
Stephen FranklinLBSEAReleased
Jason ShirleyDLSEAReleased
Tyler PolumbusOLSEAReleased
Walter ThurmondCBSEARemoved from depth chart (injury)
Heath FarwellLBSEASigns
Ron ParkerCBSEASigns
Moran NorrisFBSFDecrease, from 77 to 71OVR
Carlos RogersCBSFIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Bruce MillerFBSFMoved to FB #1 on depth chart
Moran NorrisFBSFMoved to FB #2 on depth chart
Braylon EdwardsWRSFMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Ted GinnWRSFMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Rodger SaffoldOLSTLDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Quintin MikellSSTLDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
James LaurinaitisLBSTLDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Chris LongDLSTLDecrease, from 89 to 87OVR
Al HarrisCBSTLIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Jabara WilliamsLBSTLReleased
Chad SpannHBTBAdded to the game
Arrelious BennWRTBDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Josh FreemanQBTBDecrease, from 87 to 85OVR
Kregg LumpkinHBTBIncrease, from 62 to 66OVR
Dezmon BriscoeWRTBIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Adrian ClaybornDLTBIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Kregg LumpkinHBTBMoved to 3DRB #1 on depth chart
LeGarrette BlountHBTBMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Kregg LumpkinHBTBMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Mossis MaduHBTBMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Andrew EconomosLSTBMoved to LS #1 on depth chart
Christian YountLSTBReleased
Earnest GrahamHBTBRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Donnie AveryWRTENDecrease, from 72 to 69OVR
Nate WashingtonWRTENDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Jake ScottOLTENDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Barrett RuddLBTENDecrease, from 86 to 83OVR
Matt HasselbeckQBTENDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Ahmard HallFBTENDecrease, from 88 to 86OVR
Michael RoosOLTENDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
David StewartOLTENDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Chris JohnsonHBTENDecrease, from 93 to 89OVR
Kevin BarnesCBWASDecrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Logan PaulsenTEWASIncrease, from 62 to 65OVR
John BeckQBWASIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Adam CarrikerDLWASIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Fred DavisTEWASIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Roy HeluHBWASMoved to 3DRB #1 on depth chart
Ryan TorrainHBWASMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Roy HeluHBWASMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Jabar GaffneyWRWASMoved to WR #1 on depth chart
Tim HightowerHBWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Santana MossWRWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Chris CooleyTEWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
John MaleckiOLWASSigns
Jonathan CompasOLWASSigns
Dominique ByrdTEWASSigns