10 Reasons Its Great To Be A Chiefs Fan Today


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! That was fun, wasn’t it? It’s been a while since we last got to watch a one-sided win where the Chiefs came out on top. Obviously, today is a good day to be a Chiefs fan. I’m going to jump right into the reasons why.

10. Jackie Battle is a legit NFL running back.
In my opinion, the Chiefs could have and should have used Battle more against the Raiders. Dexter is a nice change of pace and Thomas Jones should MAYBE get 5 carries/game in relief, but it was clear Sunday that the Indy game was not a fluke. Battle was by FAR the best looking running back on the field for KC and looks like he will give the Chiefs a solid option at RB the rest of the season.

9. Jon Baldwin got on the field.
So he didn’t do anything amazing, but at least he has taken the first step to being a contributing member of the team. It took Cassel about a month to get on the same page with Breaston. If that same time table holds true for Baldwin, they should be clicking just in time for the Chiefs most difficult stretch of the schedule.

8. Carson Palmer got on the field and the Chiefs ate him alive.
I’m not saying that the Chiefs picking off Palmer three times is a sign that we have the best pass defense in the universe. Clearly Palmer was rusty. This is more about the national exposure that it gives the Chiefs. Everybody who covers the NFL will now be talking about Palmer getting into the game and throwing three interceptions. Flowers’ pick six will play on highlight and talk shows continuously for the next few days. For once this season it will be nice to see KC on the winning side on those replays.

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7. The pass defense had its best game so far.
Yes, a large part of this was the poor play by the Oakland QBs. That having been said, this is the same pass defense that let Curtis Painter throw the ball up and down the field on them. I know some may worry about the lack of a pass rush, but the Chiefs plan clearly seemed to be to drop as many defenders back into coverage as possible and make the QB squeeze throws into coverage. That only works if guys like Lewis, McGraw, and Washington step up in coverage. Yes, the interceptions were great, but the lack of wide open WRs running through the middle of the field was probably the most encouraging sign.

6. The offense came out and threw the ball early.
I have been begging for the Chiefs to come out and throw early for weeks. I didn’t even care that we went three and out to start the game. The fact that it wasn’t the same predictable runs up the gut for a yard a piece was very encouraging. My only complaint would be that they didn’t counter the early throwing with slamming Battle up the middle. I think the combination of stretching the field and pounding Battle could be a winning combination as the season goes forward.

5. Todd Haley’s job for next season is starting to look more and more secure.
So I guess if you’re not a Todd Haley fan, this isn’t a reason to be happy. I for one, am a Todd Haley fan. I know he’s made some mistakes, but the fact that he has turned this thing around after such a HORRIBLE start to the season says a lot to me. If this team can fight it out and finish at .500 or better I don’t see any way that Pioli could justify firing Haley. For me that is a good thing. I HIGHLY recommend reading Kent Babb’s piece about Haley from the KC Star. Here’s a snippet:

"“Maybe I was trying too hard,” he said. “I might’ve been … might’ve been trying too hard. Maybe I was worrying about the wrong things.”"

4. The Chiefs defense pitched a shut out for the first time in over 5 years.
October 1st of 2006 was the last shut out the Chiefs had, until Sunday. Oh, and did I forget to mention it was the team’s first road shut out in 38 YEARS!!! The best part was that the shut out was preserved by an AMAZING goal line stand against one of the best run teams in the NFL. I think that goal line stand had me jumping up and down more then any other time this season. Kelly Gregg has earned his paycheck for the season just based on his short yardage play. Clearly the old guy can still bring it when the chips are all on the table. Also, if Derrick Johnson doesn’t make the Pro Bowl this year it will be highway robbery (If you don’t agree, check this out).

3. Revenge is sweet!
My post last week was about how the Chiefs should be fired up for this rivalry game and should be out for revenge for the 31-10 beat down the Raiders gave them last season. I got my wish. Not only did the Chiefs win, they rubbed it in a little. I LOVED it when Bowe went over to the black hole after his (soon to be called back) TD. I REALLY LOVED it when Flowers poured some salt in the wound after his pick six. Normally I can’t stand it when players get a celebration penalty, but in this case it was worth every yard. I normally don’t believe in running up the score, but when Cassel took that deep shot late in the game I was smiling from ear to ear. I even love the fact that the coaches seemed a little testy after the game. Why? Because it was the Raiders, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Check out the Star’s photo gallery.

2. This win now makes next week’s Halloween MNF matchup with San Diego one for the ages.
A month ago, half of Chiefs Nation was ready to abandon the season and “Suck for Luck.” Now the Chiefs are back at .500 and hosting the division favorite for Monday Night Football, on Halloween, with first place on the line. That was hard to imagine after the Chiefs dropped to 0-3. Now it’s safe to say that Arrowhead will be a mad house that night. I was there last year when the Chiefs hosted the Chargers on MNF and the energy there was electric. I can only imagine what it will be like on Halloween with the chance to take a share of the lead in the division will be like. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the look of rage on Phillip Rivers’ face when the SD offense gets a false start or has to burn a time out because of the noise. I’m already counting down the hours.

1. The Chiefs got a win.
All the details and circumstances are fun to discuss, but when it all comes down to it, the Chiefs got another win and that’s really the best reason it’s great to be a Chiefs fan on this Monday.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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