Is The Raiders Game A Must Win For Todd Haley?


We all remember last week when Nick Wright reported rumors that Scott Pioli would have fired head coach Todd Haley had the Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts in week 5. This rumor came after four losses in five games, three of which were miserable blowouts, dating back to last year.

Luckily for Haley, the Chiefs beat the Colts in a dramatic come-from-behind win, but was the win enough to cool off Haley’s hot seat? Considering the fact that the Chiefs started the game down 17 points against a team missing its one and only offensive weapons*, I say that seat should remain on fire!

* Yea, yea, yea the Colts still have Wayne, Garcon and Collie, but without Peyton Manning, they all appear to be just shadows of themselves.

After the bye week, the firing talks appeared to cool off as the Chiefs looked at least respectable with a 2-3 record. However, if the next few weeks look anything like the start of Chiefs season, where they lost two games by a combined 89-10 score, Haley should just start packing his bags.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling for Haley to be fired midseason. I am simply stating that he has to be held accountable for this team’s slow start.  He is the guy that treated training camp as a mild vacation, attending concerts with players and not holding padded practices. What happen to the Todd Haley of prior years that wanted his team in top-notch physical condition?  It was like that Todd disappeared this year.

In order for Haley to remain the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, he must continue to win, plain and simple. A game against the much hated Raiders is more important than a game against the Manning-less Colts.

Starting this week with the Chiefs heading to Oakland, Haley will be looking over his shoulder the rest of the season. The Raiders have played well to date this season, but have lost starting quarterback Jason Campbell, and have brought in cry-baby-play-when-and-for-whom-I-want Carson Palmer.

The Raiders’ offensive focus is on their running game, but losing Campbell could help the Chiefs.  The Chiefs should be able to stuff the box with eight bodies and force Kyle Boller or newly acquired Palmer, who has not played meaningful football since January*, to make a couple plays.

*Has Palmer ever played meaningful football?  Seriously he has been with the Bengals his whole career.  Do they ever play meaningful football?

Regardless of whom the Chiefs face, it will be interesting to see Haley’s sideline antics and how he handles the rest of the season, or the rest of his season.  Will he remain the screaming, tantrum throwing fool we have grown accustomed to? Or, will he attempt to change up his coaching style amidst firing rumors?

One thing is for sure, when the Chiefs take the field against the Raiders on Sunday, you better believe Haley knows what he is really fighting for. It isn’t for a playoff spot, a division title, or even a Super Bowl trophy.  No – Todd Haley will be fighting for one thing and one thing only – his job!