Madden 12 Simulation Says Vikings Will Beat Chiefs


I know a lot of you, like me, are big Madden players. One thing I love that ESPN does each week is that they simulate  all the week’s games on the latest version of Madden.

The simulations aren’t perfect of course, but I find they tend to get the games right more often than not.

So how did the Chiefs fair in this weeks simulation?

Vikings 16, Chiefs 13

Here is what they had to say about the game:

"Every time it looked like the Chiefs were going to pull this game out, Matt Cassel threw an interception. In fact, the Chiefs QB was picked off three times by the Vikings D, helping Minnesota pull out the 16-13 victory. Adrian Peterson rushed for 116 yards and his team’s only touchdown in the win."

Well, let’s hope the real Matt Cassel performs better than his electronic counterpart.

Do any of you guys play the game as the Chiefs the morning of the game like I do? How’d you do today?