Vikings vs Chiefs Preview!


When it comes to the Arrowhead Experience, I know more than most I guess. I’ve been going to the damn place for years. Pavlov’s dog knew better than to drink from the bowl that gave him that painful electric shock, yet your Arrowhead Adventurer keeps going back to that big red bowl in KC  year after year for his.

Arrowhead Stadium is still a wonderful place to go, despite the lean times. There are all kinds of wonderful things to do, beautiful days to enjoy, fantastic people to meet, and awesome food to plow into.

The upcoming Vikings game this Sunday was not one of the games I predicted to offer the most Arrowhead Experience for the buck, but it could still be a game worth attending. Ticket prices are super low on the auction sites for nosebleeds. Field level tickets can be had for half the face value if you shop around.

The weather looks to be fantastic, so there will still be plenty of tailgating fun to be had.

If this will be your first visit to Arrowhead, I’d stay home. This is a game we can win, but the first three losses of the season will keep the fans away in droves.
My thoughts on the importance of this game are pretty simple. If we lose this game we might as well cancel the rest of the season.

Your Arrowhead Adventurer will be there Sunday; I’ll update you on how things went Tuesday. I’ll be road tripping to Indianapolis for the Chiefs vs Colts game the following Sunday, and will share my thoughts on that away game, as well.

Sunday in my opinion is make or break.  See you there!