Did The Chiefs Ban Jonathan Baldwin From Twitter?


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli must absolutely hate Twitter.

For a team that is as secretive as the Chiefs, a platform that allows you to blab to the world and say stupid things and get into arguments with fans, Twitter must be terrifying.

This is only a hunch, but it looks to me like the Chiefs have barred first-round pick Jonathan Baldwin from his own Twitter account.

I follow a number of KC players on Twitter and while many of them have been tweeting away, especially Le’Ron McClain, Baldwin suddenly stopped.

Baldwin has not sent out a tweet since August 19th, which was the same day the news of his fight with Thomas Jones broke. His last three tweets seem to be a conversation with a friend or fan whose account no longer exists.

Baldwin tells the fan/friend “wow dude seriously? Smh” and “think what you want my man god bless you” before ending things with “have a nice day.”

Chances are Baldwin was taking some heat following the news that he got in a fight with Jones. I saw a lot of fans tweeting at Baldwin on that day. Folks were pretty angry with him for getting injured.

Before the 19th, Baldwin had been very active on Twitter, sending out messages nearly every day and interacting with fans. His interactions were always polite and friendly.

But I am guessing the Chiefs went into damage control with the rookie following the fight. After all, the team once cut RB Larry Johnson after he went on a Twitter tirade about Todd Haley and then insulted a fan with a homophobic slur. Perhaps the Chiefs were worried about another Twitter blowup with Baldwin.

I admit this is all purely speculation. Baldwin may have just decided on his own to stop using Twitter following the incident. Still, the fact that his communication stopped on August 19th probably isn’t a coincidence.

What do you think Addicts? Did Scott Pioli and the Chiefs ban Baldwin from talking on Twitter?