Revisiting The KC Chiefs’ Schedule


The Kansas City Chiefs knew heading into the 2011 season that their schedule was going to be a challenge.

Heading into the season, most Chiefs fans were circling games against the Chargers, Colts, Packers, Jets, Patriots and Steelers as major, major challenges.

As with every NFL season, however, not every team ends up being as good as they are supposed to be and some other teams are better than expected.

There is no question the Chiefs weren’t ready for the start of the season. They were likely to struggle no matter who they were playing but now that we are three weeks into the start of the season, what looked to be a fairly favorable start to the year for the Chiefs is looking anything but.

The Chiefs opened the season by getting blindsided by the upstart Buffalo Bills. Chan Gailey has his team playing very well, especially on offense. Buffalo is 3-0 and and raised the “we are for real” flag yesterday by beating the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs then had the misfortune of traveling to Detroit to take on a Lions team that also showed yesterday that not only can they play defense, but their offense is explosive enough to bring them from behind.

KC limped to San Diego yesterday to take on a Chargers team that always seems give them trouble. The Chiefs actually gave the Chargers a run for their money but fell three points short in a 20-17 loss.

The Chiefs certainly have their share of problems. They are a mess on offense and have lost three of their best players for the season but that doesn’t change the fact that their first three opponents are a combined 8-1.

Will it get better? It might for a while.

KC’s future opponents are a combined 18-18. There are still tough games coming against teams like the Packers and Steelers but there also some very winnable games against the likes of the Vikings, Colts and Dolphins.

The Chiefs play the Vikings and Colts before heading into their bye week. They still have a nasty stretch late in the year but if the Chiefs can string together a couple of wins, they will be 2-3 and will likely gain back a lot of the confidence they lost in the first couple weeks of the season.

What do you think Addicts? Are there enough games left on the schedule for the Chiefs to turn things around or are the difficult games remaining just too difficult?