Chiefs Work Out Mike Cox


When Eric Berry went down to a season-ending ACL injury, Scott “Genius GM” Pioli gave you Reshard Langford.

When Tony Moeaki went down to a season-ending ACL injury, Scott “The Savior” Pioli gave you Leonard Pope and Jake O’Connell.

Then he cut O’Connell and gave you Anthony Becht.

Now that Jamaal Charles has gone down to a season-ending ACL injury, it looks like Scott “Mastermind” Pioli may just give you back Mike Cox, according to Jeremy Elliot of The Patriot-News.

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Former Red Land and Georgia Tech standout Mike Cox arrived in Kansas City late Monday night for a Tuesday workout with the Chiefs.

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Do I even need to tell you how absolutely ridiculous this is?

For starters, I’m glad the Chiefs are working Cox out before they just go ahead and re-sign him, just in case he really let himself go over the last two weeks. I’d be even more concerned about it if Cox was ever good in the first place.

Obviously when you lose one of the best running backs in the NFL, the logical replacement is Mike Cox. I have actually been wondering, with Arian Foster having hamstring issues, why the Houston Texans haven’t gotten Cox in there.

Oh, yeah, because they aren’t freaking morons.

The only thing I can think of here is that the Chiefs will give more carries to Le’Ron McClain. While I fully support giving the ball to McClain over Thomas Jones, I do not support Mike Cox being his lead blocker. Can we just sit back and picture that for a minute? All Mike Cox is going to do is get in McClain’s way.

Hey, but what do I know? Maybe the Chiefs are planning on having Mike Cox play defensive back. These are the same people who were so stubborn about admitting they whiffed on drafting Quentin Lawrence that they tried to turn him into a safety.

Maybe Pioli really is a genius. Hell, maybe he’s having the team’s best players fake injuries so that the team CAN tank the season and win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.