Are Todd Haley’s Teams Prone To Blowout Losses?


There is a disturbing trend I have noticed in Todd Haley’s brief tenure as Kansas City Chiefs head coach.

His teams seem to be prone to blowout, meltdown losses.

The Chiefs were more competitive in some games in 2010, but generally, when they lose, they lose spectacularly.

Take a look:

Todd Haley is 14-19 as the Chiefs’ head coach. He’s had one good season, one poor season and one season yet to be determined.

But there is a disturbing trend in his losses. 10 of the team’s 19 losses under Haley were double-digit butt kickings.

Bills 31, Chiefs 7

Ravens 30, Chiefs 7

Raiders 31, Chiefs 10

Chargers 31, Chiefs 0

Broncos 49, Chiefs 29

Chargers 43, Chiefs 14

Chargers 37, Chiefs 7

Giants 27, Chiefs 16*

Eagles 34, Chiefs 14

Ravens 38, Chiefs 24

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*While an 11-point loss may not seem like a “blowout,” anyone who watched that game can tell you the Chiefs got their asses handed to them. The score could have been much, much worse. The Chiefs scored 13 of their 16 points in 4th quarter garbage time.

Even more disturbing is that five of those 10 blowouts have come against the AFC West.

What does it mean? Why do Haley’s teams seem competitive one week and then totally lost the next? Is it game-planning gone terribly wrong? Do you think this is a trend or just the ebb and flow of an NFL season?

Sometimes coaches get labeled. Norv Turner, for instance, is notorious for getting the Chargers off to a slow start. Are Haley teams susceptible to meltdowns?

The goal should be for the Chiefs to be competitive every week, win or lose. Obviously, once in a while the team is going to get its ass handed to it but 10 times in 19 losses?

If it is a trend, perhaps what happened in Buffalo was just a normal part of what we can expect from the Haley-led Chiefs. Had the team started the 2010 season with the 49-29 ass-kicking they suffered at the hands of the Broncos in Denver on November 14th instead of the dramatic 17-10 upset of the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football, wouldn’t pundits and bloggers alike had been talking about Haley’s job security?

If the Chiefs continue to stink, this will be a moot point. If they bounce back, however, and steal a road win in Detroit, this could be an interesting trend to watch as the season moves on.