Haley Firing, Andrew Luck Talk Is Absurd


While the Chiefs look absolutely terrible to this point in 2011, the talk around the Chiefs Kingdom of Todd Haley being fired after  or even midway through the season and the team falling so low that they’ll have the #1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and use it to select Andrew Luck has me speechless.

I tried to ignore it for the first couple of days this week but I just can’t any more. I’m as depressed as anyone about the way the Chiefs look so far this season but everybody needs to take a giant breath here.A bad preseason and a blowout home opener and the loss of Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki stink, but for goodness’ sake, talk of the Chiefs falling so low they are picking first in the draft next year is premature and absurd.

The team is in a rough spot. The lockout screwed them up. Their coach made a bone-headed decision on how to get them ready for the season. They’ve had some really unfortunate injuries. It is going to be a tough road.

That being said, these guys are still a talented football team. I’m going to give them at least a handful of games before I write them off for dead.

What is really amusing me is how many people seem ready to throw Matt Cassel under the bus. It surprises me because I am not one of those people. Readers Trapped In Donkey Land and Cameron will tell you I was highly critical of Matt Cassel early last season. I was critical for good reason. He was playing like crap. Big Matt and I were nearly tarred and feathered for merely mentioning that Cassel was playing poorly.

Then Cassel started showing great improvement. He won me over midseason. I saw a QB who was improving and was showing the ability to continue to do so.

Now, after one poor game, I am seeing people calling for Stanzi to start and hoping the Chiefs tank the season so they can draft Andrew Luck?

I’m not sure if Cassel is a franchise QB. What I am sure of, is that the dude can win football games. He helped New England win 11 games in a season. He helped the Chiefs win 10 last year.

The Chiefs are a mess right now. Not just Matt Cassel. If everyone else looked great and Cassel was playing like garbage, I’d be more concerned about him. But with the team, both offensively and defensively, playing like an expansion team, how can we possibly hammer the nail in Cassel’s coffin?

Cassel has a lot to prove. If he can help this team turn it around and start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem, he will likely keep his hon in 2012. If not, well, then the Chiefs might look for a replacement, but let’s wait until they’re at lead halfway through the season before we start trying to identify him.

Same goes for Haley. He screwed up this season. There is no denying it. But he also led the Chiefs to an AFC West Championship last season. If this season continues this way, he probably is a goner.

But let’s hold off on the Bill Cowher talk until at least Halloween.