Chiefs vs. Bills: Earning Their Arrowheads


Each week of the NFL regular season, win or lose, I hand out Arrowheads to Chiefs players who showed up and did a good job on Sunday.

I don’t like to break tradition so…here ya go.

Tamba Hali

Hali shook off the rust and managed to pull in a sack. The Bills made it a priority to stop him, and he was double teamed most of the game. The good thing is he still managed to generate some pressure and record a sack when the opportunity presented itself. The sad thing is, none of the rest of the “pass rushers” could do squat when Tamba was drawing two men.

Tamba also had two tackles for a loss, two QB hits and six total tackles. Too bad there aren’t two of him.

Or 11.

Dexter McCluster

McCluster f’ed up the opening kickoff and started this disaster, but at least he tried to help the team dig out of the hole he put them in.

McCluster had five catches for 25-yards and four rushes for 42-yards. He was a big part of the team’s only scoring drive.

Now if he could only avoid getting hit…ever…

Jamaal Charles

Charles did have a costly fumble but all mistakes were amplified because the game was so out of hand. Still, Charles did what he could rushing for 56-yards on 10 carries and adding a TD catch. It isn’t Jamaal’s fault that he only got two carries in the second half.

There you have it. Three arrowheads, reluctantly given out.