Chiefs Likely To Make Roster Moves Today


The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to place S Eric Berry on IR today, thus freeing up a roster spot.

The Chiefs could fill that spot with a player from their practice squad, but they could also scour the waiver wire for help. They may also be contacting veteran free agents that currently do not have a team.

The loss of Berry is big and replacing him on the active roster with a practice squad player would be, in my opinion, a terrible mistake. If Scott Pioli thinks the team has a snowballs chance in hell of righting the ship and winning the AFC West with Donald Washington, Sabby Pisctielli and Jon McGraw playing safety he should have his head examined.

Or chopped off.

There are players available that would probably be an upgrade. Darren Sharper is a free agent and despite being 35 years old, he’d probably be an upgrade over Sabby.

Keep an eye on this space for news if and when it happens.