Chiefs Preseason Imposters: Who Were Those Guys?


The the sweet heavens preseason is over. The ‘Kansas City Chiefs” did not look good during the exhibition season. They looked so bad in fact, they led me to constantly try to rename them over Twitter while they were bumbling around the field. I think by calling the Chiefs something else during this preseason helped me distance the guys on the field from the guys I hope will take the field when the Buffalo Bills come to town.

Here are my entries for how we can immortalize the 2011 preseason Kansas City Chiefs. And let us never see them again. They shall be put to rest in the Kansas City Hall of Shame. They’ll join the likes of Eddie Drummond, Ryan Simms and the kicker who shall not be named.

The Kansas City Fumbles

The Replacement Chiefs

The Expansion Chiefs

More mockery after the jump.

The Kansas City Stooges

The Post-Lockout We Don’t Give A Fuck Chiefs

The Maybe We Should Have Kept Brian Waters Chiefs

The Kansas City Clowns

The Falko Calabaloos

The Kansas City Herms

Come on Addicts. Help me laugh the preseason away and forever shun the bad memories. The Kansas City Chiefs, the real deal, will return September 11th.

I hope.

Oh and lastly, I give you, the 2011 preaseason Kansas City Chiefs theme song! I find the games are hilarious if you watch them back with this playing.