Arrowhead Adventures! Parking Tips For Game Day!


The first home game is less than two weeks away! If this is your first game at Arrowhead, you picked a great game to attend. Though some argue, this game will be the game I predict will offer the most Arrowhead Experience for 2011, and I hope to see you there. Today we will look at parking.

Gold, Red, General Admission? What are your options to park at Arrowhead on the big day? It can be confusing for sure. Let me share some tricks and tips I’ve learned from years of Arrowhead Adventures.

Options at the stadium:

1.The gold parking pass is the most expensive at Arrowhead, and only available as a season ticket purchase. Gold parking pass holders enjoy the closest public parking and tailgating offered at the stadium. It’s a bonus to be able to tailgate next to the stadium but only worth the extra cash if you intend to tailgate. Close to the stadium equals last to get out after the game usually, I see quite a few gold parking pass holders tailgating after the game as well to let the traffic thin. Interestingly, gold parking can be very empty during games that are not well attended. It seems the rich folks don’t mind wasting game tickets and parking passes for the low interest games or games with inclement weather. You will find the gold section virtually empty during weirdly scheduled preseason games, while red and GA still offer quite a party.

2. Red parking pass: This is what I go with. Much closer to the stadium than general admission, yet close to the middle road exits to leave you with the same exit time as the outside general admission folks. Your right in the middle so you can casually walk around and visit with all walks of life, parking wise. Like gold, must be purchased as a season ticket package. Cheaper than gold, they are very expensive on auction sites such as Ebay per game as can gold.

3. General Admission. No real advantages here over the Red parking pass other than price. These days who doesn’t want to save a buck. Parking can be a long way from the stadium , and you don’t get as much Arrowhead experience in my opinion. Still I post all my red parking passes for sale and if I can make a decent profit, you will occasionally find me here. (bang it here for options ouside the stadium )

Options outside the stadium:

1.Private businesses offer parking at a discount most of the time about half of general admission and a huge discount over red and gold. Its quite a walk and they offer either no tailgating or the worst you can imagine. If you have lots of people in your crew and little money in your wallet, it can be the way to go.

2. Motel parking is an excellent way to save dough if you happen to be staying at one of the hotels near the stadium such as Drury Inn. It’s free, but like the option above, offers zero tailgating and a long hike.

3. Roadside parking is a pretty crappy option. It’s very risky as far as vandalism and risk of tow. If  your local,  scout the area before game time to find this type of parking option.  Getting to the stadium early is a must to have a chance. This option like the other two outside parking options involves lots of walking and no tailgating but if you successfully avoid towing or hit and run drivers its free.

You can always find a private tour company to take you to the game and back, but what a long day this winds up being and in my mind isn’t worth the time or the expense. If you can get a family member or friend to drop your crew off and pick you up after the game, well that’s free too.

I would recommend getting to the stadium as early as possible for any game, you can avoid the long lines going into the stadium this way, and won’t run the risk of missing the National Anthem!

As always look for more game day tips throughout the season from your Arrowhead Adventures weekly posts! See you Sept 11!