Chiefs vs. Packers: Live Game Thread


The Kansas City Chiefs are in the great state of Wisconsin tonight to take on the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

For the Packers, the game is likely going to be a stretch of the legs for their starters before the young players fighting for a roster spot take over.

For the Chiefs, however, it may be something more. Kansas City has not looked good so far this preseason, leaving some the theorize that Todd Haley will play his starters well into the contest. In fact, if you look back at Haley’s press conference, he seems to drop clues that the Chiefs have always planned to treat the fourth preseason game like most NFL teams treat the third; as a dress rehearsal for the regular season.

Whatever the case, the Chiefs will take the field tonight with a lot to accomplish. The starters will look to find a rhythm and the backups will look to secure a roster spot.

Join us in the comments of this post to talk about the action, live! Kickoff is at 7PM central.