Which Kansas City Chiefs Are Potential Pro Bowlers?


The Kansas City Chiefs are full of young talent. Until 2010, however, a lot of that young talent was unkown. But after a 10-6 record and an AFC West Championship, the word is out. Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Brian Waters were all represented the Chiefs in last year’s Pro Bowl.

Can the Chiefs send more players to Hawaii again this year? Here is a look at players on the roster who I think have a shot at making the Pro Bowl this season.


Eric Berry

He made it as a rookie and he should only get better.

Brandon Flowers

A Pro Bowl berth for Flowers is long overdue. Is this the year?

Brandon Carr

Carr seems to be improving rapidly. He was very good in 2010. Will he be great in 2011?

Tamba Hali

Should have gone last year.

Derrick Johnson

He’s a Pro Bowl talent. The only thing holding DJ back is consistency. He looks sharp so far in 2011. This might be his year.

Dark Horse:

Justin Houston

The rookie looks good early. If Houston keeps getting to the QB during the regular season, he could find himself following in Eric Berry’s footsteps as a rookie Pro Bowler.

Wallace Gilberry

Reports out of camp are that Gilberry is more versatile than ever on the line. I don’t know if he’ll get enough snaps to make it but you never know. If he improves upon his sack total from last season, he’ll be nearing an elite level.


Jamaal Charles

If he stays healthy he should be a lock.

Dwayne Bowe

Bowe stayed in shape this offseason and looked sharp in the Ravens game. The added receiving help should give Bowe more room to work. He’s also in a contract year.

Le’Ron McClain

McClain can play at a Pro Bowl level. If the Chiefs use him well, he could block for Jamaal Charles in the Pro Bowl.

Matt Cassel

Cassel will have to improve to return to the Pro Bowl this season. He faces a much tougher schedule in 2011. If he makes it back to the Pro Bowl after facing the Packers, Jets, Colts and Steelers, he’ll have earned it.

Tony Moeaki

Moeaki played very good in his rookie season. If he improves in 2011, he’ll likely be in the Pro Bowl conversation at TE.

conversation at TE.

Ryan Lilja

Lilja was KC’s best offensive lineman in 2010. Unfortunately, Brian Waters went on reputation. Waters is gone now so if the Chiefs offensive line performs well again, Lilja is likely to get the credit.

Dark Horse:

Dexter McCluster

McCluster probably isn’t going to get enough touches at receiver or RB to make the Pro Bowl but he could sneak in as a return man. He’s explosive enough to get it done.

Not counting the “dark horses” that is 11 players that could potentially play at a Pro Bowl level for the Chiefs this season. I don’t think any of these are stretches.

There is no denying that the Chiefs have a load of talent. Unfortunately, as the San Diego Chargers teach us on a yearly basis, having a bunch of talented players does not always make for a good team.

Which players do you think have the best chance to stand out and earn a trip to Hawaii this season?