Madden 12 Community: Arrowhead Addict Style


When I got my copy of Madden 12 last week, one of the first things I did was go online to create an Arrowhead Addict community.

I know a lot of our readers are Madden players and I thought it would be fun to have a group of like-minded Chiefs fans to play Madden with. I’m no Madden wizard and I always get annoyed when I go online and get paired up with some jerk who goes for it on 4th down every time and does constant onside kicks.

I like fun, casual, friendly, competitive games.

So if you want to joint he AA Madden community and you are looking for fun, straight forward games with fellow Addicts and Chiefs fans, we’d be glad to have you. If I get reports of anyone playing like an asshole, I’ll kick them out.

Detains are after the jump.

My gamertag is: Cool Hand Pat

The platform is Xbox.

The community name is: Arrowhead Addict

The password is: Baldwinning