Chiefs Waive Seven Players


The Kansas City Chiefs need to trim their roster by nine by tomorrow afternoon per NFL rules.

They got an early start today, announcing that they have released seven players.

Here is the damage:

LB Eric Bakhtiari, RB Tervaris Johnson, DB Javes Lewis, WR Chris Manno, WR Josue Paul, DB Mario Russell and WR Chandler Williams.

No real surprises here. The WR position is crowded so it made sense to start thinning things out there early. The rest of these guys have been non-factors this preseason. They’ll need to get rid of two more by 3PM central tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the Chiefs may not just be releasing guys. If a player released by another team interests the Chiefs, they could actually sign a couple of guys over the next couple of days. Some teams with high-priced veterans they don’t feel they need will cut those guys early as a favor so the veteran can find another team. Sort of like how the Chiefs cut Brian Waters. Waters still hasn’t found a team but you can bet that if he wants to play, we will soon.

Pay close attention to offensive lineman, particularly tackles, being cut by other teams. Chances are, the Chiefs will be interested.