Saturday Night Week In Review


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"He then threw his shoe at his bewildered teammates on the sideline and turned back towards the play. He then waffled for a few seconds, not knowing which way to go. Eventually, with everyone still staring at him in complete dumbfoundedness, he sat down on the field and made a tapping motion on the grass, as if tapping out. The conundrum of “what to do if you shoe falls off in a game” was too much for him to process. He surrendered, Haley called a timeout, and we all hoped this guy would be off the team before the end of the game."

"That’s where a good old fashioned drumming of your in-state rival comes in. A game like that would help remind the guys from last season what it felt like to be a good team. For the guys that are new to KC it would affirm what the other players may have told them about last year and make it real. When you have that confidence and belief it makes the hard work easier."

Sorry Lyle, it didn’t happen…

Me, Double D,  and Crock after the jump…

"As far as the Chiefs approach to their training regimen and these games, it’s a gamble.  No surpise here.  We all have become aware of the gambling nature of Todd Haley.  Sure he can tell you that there is statistical data to show that his gambles are sound, but so can a guy in Vegas with notepads full of supposed patterns he’s found in the slot machines by spending his kid’s college fund.  A gamble is a gamble, that’s why they call it “a gamble.”"

"Whether we’re talking Blues, Bluegrass, Soul, Pop, Jazz, Tejana, Rock, Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Protest, Alternative, Americana, or Kenny G, you name it, our music is our highest artform. It is the ultimate expression of everything that embodies our greatness, our ideas, our feelings, and our experience. Deny it not."

"But a close second had to have been Justin Houston, who abused anybody who tried to block him off the edge.  I lobbied hard for the Chiefs to select Houston, not in the third round, but in the first round(this was before he tested positive for pot), and you’re all starting to see why.  His burst off the edge is damn near unmatched in players his size."

And to end the week, a haiku describing how I feel about the Chief’s preseason performance:

Holy Shit BatmanKC Better Pick It UpOr We Are All (expletive deleted)