Chiefs vs. Rams: Five Players To Watch


As I prepare for the impending hurricane about to hit NYC, I figured I’d make sure I three together our five players to watch list. In case I don’t survive the weekend, I wanted to leave you with something to remember me by.

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, the Chiefs have a lot of work to do before the Buffalo Bills come to town on September 11th. That being said, here are five players I will be watching closely tonight.

Verran Tucker

I REALLY hope Todd Haley gives Tucker some snaps with the starters. I am sure he’ll roll Jereheme Urban out there again but if he is smart, he’ll rotate Tucker in as well. It doesn’t look like Jonathan Baldwin is coming back anytime soon and even when he does he’ll be a green as a leprechaun on St. Paddy’s Day.

The Chiefs are in desperate need of a credible threat opposite Dwayne Bowe. Urban has shown no potential but Tucker has. Even if Tucker doesn’t get snaps with the starters, he needs to pluck every Tyler Palko pass out of the air that he can. This kid has a real shot.

Will he take advantage?

Jon Asamoah

Lost in the shuffle of the Ravens game fallout was the play of Jon Asamoah. I watched the game twice and on the second go-round, I paid particular attention to Asamoah. The kid was straight up beasting. He was opening up gaping holes and moving his man around at will. I could quickly see what the Chiefs like in this guy.

This week I want to see him do it again and I want to see him do it with Jamaal Charles running behind him.

Steve Breaston

Alright Steve. You should be nice and settled in with the offense. Now get your ass out there and make an impact.

One catch for five yards isn’t going to impress anyone.

Tyson “Tin Man” Jackson

Jackson showed some serous signs of being an actual football player last week. I want to see a repeat performance this week. He’s still stiffer than a politician caught in a sex scandal but he was moving beating his man, moving down the line and getting into the back-field last week. If Jackson can continue to flush QB’s in the direction of Tamba Hali, the Chiefs defense could be dominate.

Justin Houston

Did you see Houston last week? He was all over the place. Other than that moment when he got cement shoes and let the QB juke him for a TD, Houston had an incredible game. Two sacks, multiple pressures and a forced fumble on special teams? Not bad Rook.

Now do it again.

Alright Addicts. Those are the five guys I will be watching closely tonight. Who are yours?