Haley Catching Heat For Having Fun


If there is one thing we hate to see in this world it is happy football coaches.

I’ve seen a few headlines today about Todd Haley apparently attending a Little Wayne concert. Or is it Lil’ Wayne? Tiny Wayne? I’m never sure if how these things are supposed to be written out. Like, is it Fiddy Cent or Fifty Cents or 50 cent(s)…it’s all to confusing.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was worth posting about because the headline “Todd Haley Attends A (Little, Lil’) Wayne concert is about as fascinating to me as “Todd Haley Took His Daughter To The Movies” or “Breaking News: Brodie Coryle’s Wife Now Most Popular Woman In Arizona.”

Unfortunately, others see things differently.

For some reason Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk decided to write 470 words on the topic Florio seems to think Haley is some kind of slacker because he went to a concert instead of working non-stop to get ready for the football season. In particular, Week One against the Buffalo Bills.

Heh. All the Chiefs need to do for that is make sure everyone shows up to the right stadium. Ziiiiing.

Anyway, we like to sometime post interesting or ridiculous pieces late at night to give you home-schooled kids something to talk about after we go to bed. So have at it. Is Haley a slacker for going to a concert? Or is Florio a slacker for writing 470 words bitching about it? Or is Lil’ Wayne a slacker for cutting out the rest of the letters in “little?”