Where To Watch Chiefs Games


There is nothing like watching the Chief’s game at Arrowhead Stadium. If you’ve never had a chance to do that you’re missing out on an incredible experience. If there is no way that you can make it out to Arrowhead, which is the case for many of us who live in other locales, here’s where you can feed your fix.

CBS Sport’s Pre-season Schedule– Here’s the schedule of pre-season games offered on TV.  The first  Tampa @ Kansas City game is being covered by FOX this coming Friday evening.

CBS Sport’s Regular Season Schedule– Here’s the schedule of regular season games offered on TV. Most games that are offered are covered by CBS, FOX and NBC. Check your local listings. Chief’s games will continue to be made available locally when a sell out occurs by noon on the Thursday before a game day weekend.

NFL Distribution Maps– This site will eventually show the TV coverage during specific weeks in each region of the country. Bookmark it and come back as the season draws near and you’ll be able to find out exactly where each game will broadcast.

DirecTV Deal– DirecTV has a sign-up now and get the NFL package free campaign going on right now. When I called I found out existing customers may not take advantage of this deal. With the CBA being signed late, DirecTV has lost out on many customers not signing up that would have, in a normal of season.  For those who are existing customers… you can get a whopping 3.4% discount on the NFL Season Ticket Package with the option of stretching out your payments over 6 months instead of 5. It still works out to more than $50 per month. The deal ends in late August.

JustinTV– The quality is not great but, it is a whole lot better than nothing. Have watched many a Chief’s game there. If your connection is slow then it’s going to be fairly hideous.

Slingbox– Slingbox is a modem type box that hooks to your TV and allows you to watch any TV show on any device that you own: a laptop, a Desktop, iPad or an iPhone and/or Android cell phone. Then no matter where you go, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want to. It has remote capabilities so you can tap into your DVR and watch a program you’ve recorded, even if you’re in Paris.

If you can’t find a way to watch the live Chiefs’ action, try the NFL Network.com for game time information. They have a page for the Chief’s and that page will have a link to games in progress. They do a nice job of tracking plays and posting highlights as they happen. If you have the NFL Network on TV, they select three games each week to show repeatedly all week long. I can only recall one time last year when a Cheifs game was selected to be shown.

KCChiefsGames.com– If you can’t make it to a screen of some kind while games are in progress, try KC Chiefs Game.com. I’m not sure what length of time passes before they post a game but, I’ve watched many old games there. It’s terrific.

I haven’t come across any game time Apps for iPhone or Android cells that offer the opportunity for live games or live game look-ins. If I’m wrong some one let us know. If you have any other suggestions for Chief’s fans to stay connected during game time, please chime in Chief’s Nation.