Kansas City Chiefs Injury Report


Our man at training camp, Ryan James, continues his spectacular coverage. You may have heard yesterday that both Jonathan Baldwin and Glenn Dorsey appeared to suffer injuries. Ryan’s got the scoop for you and some exclusive video of the drill where Dorsey gets hurt. Enjoy. -PA

There was a lot of great news flying around the Chiefs organization today. News like Tamba Hali getting signed for 5 year 60 million dollar deal and making his dramatic entrance into Chiefs training camp after the team had already stretched.  News like the Chiefs signing of FB Le’Ron McClain. News like the NFL players ratifying the CBA allowing all the Chiefs players to be at camp today.  About one hour into practice the news hit that the Chiefs finally came to terms with their third round pick OLB Justin Houston out of Georgia. Everyone is on cloud nine right…Wrong! This is the Chiefs we are talking about. We know drama.


Early this morning, during the walk through Jon Baldwin was seen with his right knee taped up.  I really didn’t think much of it (especially when he made two leaping catches with the wrap on). He did not participate in the last session…of course neither did any of the other first string WR’s.  Twitter was going crazy over whether or not he was hurt and how bad was it.  Like I reported earlier, I drove by him as he was leaving the sports complex and he was walking on the sidewalk.  Just as I was driving by, some of his teammates driving a black Jag picked him up.  There was not a noticeable limp when he was walking then.  Then, during the practice at 3:30, he walked down to the practice field (without a limp) with his shoulder pads on and his knee still wrapped up.  It looked as if he was going to practice.  During warm up sprints he stayed on the sideline and during the indy drills he did not participate. After all the indy drills, the team took their pads off and went helmets only. During the rest of practice, Baldwin was seen in the training area with Moeaki (as seen below). I did speak with a very credible source within the organization and they said that the injury is minor and to not worry too much about it.  The same credible source also said that he expects Moeaki to be ready to practice in the next few days.


Then the real scarey hit happened.  I was watching the D-Lineman and the O-Lineman run through the 3-on1 two gap drill.  It is a very physical and entertaining drill to watch.  Dorsey was going up against #70 Dion Gales.  Dorsey got rocked back and as he anchored himself he let out a curse word and started bending his left leg a little bit.  He then lines up to do the drill again and this is what happens…

Not many people noticed.  I was keeping my eye on him pretty closely because I personally have had two cases of knee injuries and they are not fun!  He was walking decently but mainly just testing to see if it was ok.  The drill ended shortly after and Dorsey had removed his left knee brace (you can see it removed in the pic above).  Dorsey then walked over to the trainers tent under his own power with a trainer walking in front of him.  I personally do not think that the injury will be a bad one.  Lets hope that it is just a strain or maybe even a stretched muscle.  I know when I tore my ACL two years ago, I could barely put any pressure on it without sever pain.  He did not seem to have that pain that I experienced, so I am optimistic.  The Chiefs have not released anything on this subject, except for Josh Looney’s practice report saying that Dorsey was in the trainer’s tent.

This is of course what keeps us glued to our chairs, t.v’s, computers and phones.  The NFL always has something to report on.  Lets hope for the best! Go Chiefs!