Horrible News Coming From Chiefs’ Training Camp


I don’t know how to tell you guys this, so I am just going to do it quickly, like pulling off a band-aid. I’ll start with the worst news first and go from there so that the bad news actually will appear to get better as you read. Might help soften the blow. Ok. You ready?

Tamba Hali was carted off the field.

Barry Richerdson was carted off the field with him.

According to Kent Babb of the KC Star, Justin Houston is in embarrassingly bad shape. Sucking wind.

Trying to find out what is going on. It is pretty hot out there so hopefully the boys are dealing with some minor heat issues and nothing major.

Our man at camp, Ryan James, had this to say to me via Twitter:

@Arowhead_Addict Tamba was laying down in the back if cart…he walked by us with his shirt off…he did not look goodless than a minute ago via TweetCaster for Android Favorite Retweet ReplyRyan James

Ryan tells me there is a definite chance it was heat related, though he can’t confirm.