My Chief Concerns: Getting Offensive


Yesterday I was talking to a fellow Chiefs fan who asked me whether or not our Kansas City Chiefs had the best offense in the AFC West.  We both quickly came to the same conclusion: yes.

Looking at the other teams in the AFC West it is clear that the Chiefs offense is more “well rounded” than the other teams for the following reasons:

First, it is absolutely undeniable that we have the best running back and running game in the AFC West.  Both the Chargers and the Broncos are reportedly having difficulty with their recent number one picks: Ryan Matthews, and Knowshown Moreno.  While the Raiders certainly have the potential to be great at RB, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush have battled injuries and yet to put up consistently good numbers.  The Raiders clearly have the second best running game in the AFC West.

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Second, we arguably have the best wide receiver in the AFC West in Dwayne Bowe.  Dwayne was a monster last year and was so without any number two receiver help. This year things should change with the investment in a first round wide receiver giant inBaldwin, and a potentially great second receiver in Breaston.  The Chargers have Vincent Jackson, he is good and an argument can be made that he is equal to or better than Bowe, but he has been a headache to the organization, and his play largely slipped last year (manly to his holdout).  The Broncos’ Brandon Lloyd has certainly shown some spark in the last couple of years, but his value will be largely affected by who will throw the ball to him: Tebow or Orton. (P.S. They are trying, or have tried, to get rid of Orton). The Raiders easily have the worst receiving corp in the AFC West.

Quarterback wise we do not have the best quarterback, (yet). San Diego’s Phillip Rivers clearly stands alone in the AFC West as the best QB (His QB Rating was 101.8). But one could argue and should argue that Matt Cassel is clearly the second best QB in the AFC West. (Matt Cassel QB rating 93.0).  We do not even know who is going to be the QB for the Broncos or the Raiders.  At least the Broncos have better choices.

In regards to Tight Ends, the Chargers reign supreme with Antonio Gates, but he is getting older and has a bad tire (foot).  Again we clearly have the second best tight end in the AFC West with Tony Moeaki. He put up tremendous numbers as a rookie. The Raiders let Zach Miller walk.  Can you even name the Raiders and Broncos tight ends?  I couldn’t and had to look them up.

The toughest position to pin down has to be the O-line.  In fact, every team’s O-line is in transition. But it is fair to say that with Albert, Lilja, Weigmann, and Richardson, we do not have the worst.  I will leave the debate about the O-lines to you.

As far as Coaching goes, I will leave that up for debate too, but remember we have a head coach who loves to go for it on fourth down, and although wants a running team, is not afraid to throw the ball downfield.

It is going to be a great year.  What do you guys think?