Kansas City Chiefs First Preseason Game Is In 11 Days


Do you know why August 1st is one of my favorite days of the year?

Because August is when football returns.

Oh sure, it isn’t regular season ball. Sure the games don’t count.

But I don’t care. I get to sit down in front of my TV and watch NFL football. And that is all that matters.

Some folks don’t like the preseason. They complain that it is boring and that it doesn’t matter. I am different. I love the preseason. It is the first time we get a look at the new free agent pickups and the rookies. It is also the first chance we get to see how sharp the team looks. In past years, when the Chiefs looked like crap in the preseason, they played like crap in the regular season. I don’t care about the outcome of the games in preseason but I do care how the team looks out on the field. Last year, during the Eagles preseason game, I knew the Chiefs were going to be different in 2010. You could just tell. The defense looked sharp. They swarmed to the ball. It was a nice preview of how they played all season long.

I am pumped for the preseason and as it is now August first, I thought it prudent to remind you all that the Chiefs have their first exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Bucs on August 12. That game will be nationally televised on Fox.

So get ready Addicts, because in just 11 days, your Chiefs return.

This should get you pretty pumped up. Courtesy of Red Tribe Cinema.