Saturday Night Week In Review


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"The rest of this post will give you a look at where our AFC West rivals stand. I’ll show you how much cap space they have to work with, what players they have that are free agents, and what their top needs currently are. The goal of every team is to win the Super Bowl. The first step to meeting that goal is making the playoffs and the only way you can insure that you do that is to win your division. Last year the Chiefs were able to do that despite the fact that the Chargers were seen as the “better” team and the Raiders went undefeated in the division."

"If anything, stepping into this great unknown will test the “In Pioli We Trust” motto more than anything we have seen before.  The free agent market is likely to be all over the place with teams either trying to enforce the rules of a buyer’s market or panicking and offering exorbitant amounts of money to get the free agents they have been chomping at the bit for during the work stoppage.  How Pioli handles these next couple of weeks will truly show the Chiefs and the NFL if he is deserving of the praise so frequently lavished upon him."

Double D and Crock after the jump…

"My first take away on all this is that Breaston has performed, all in all, pretty consistently through good times and bad. That’s a good sign. The biggest change for him came with the switch at quarterback. In fact, I even considered calling this post “A Tale of Two Quarterbacks.” Makes sense, right?"

"I thought it would be worth the trouble to examine the best names still left on the NT sweepstakes, and for you to peruse the list. Because I think once you do, you’ll come to one of three conclusions, based on what you think the Chiefs need the most for 2011."

That’s all for now, here’s to high hopes on what other moves Pioli and company make over the next few days.  Have a good night Addicts.