Kelly Gregg Insight From Ebony Bird


After we posted the news that the Chiefs signed former Baltimore Ravens NT Kelly Gregg, I immediately reached out to Riley Babcock, FanSided’s Baltimore Ravens blogger. Riley recently revived Ebony Bird and has been doing a great job building that site back up.

Here is what he had to say about Gregg:

"A lot of Baltimore fans were upset when they released Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, Kelly Gregg, and Willis McGahee earlier this week. To be honest, I wasn’t. They’ve all showed their age as of late and I think their best years are behind them."

"Kelly Gregg is one of those guys that will do what he needs to do, but you won’t hear his name for any spectacular plays. He’s a space eater, that’s his job. He has a few years of solid football left but don’t expect him to put up mind blowing numbers. His age is a big concern but his veteran prowess is something to look forward to. Given the youth on the Chiefs defense, Gregg will help take younger players under his wings and teach them the ropes (Jerrell Powe)."

More from Riley after the jump.

"The reason the Ravens didn’t re-sign him was because they hope to see the behomoth Terrence “Mount” Cody take over the starting position. His conditioning and fitness level held him back last year and many were disappointed with his performance. He’s lost a ton of weight this year and they Ravens believe he can start. Gregg helped him tremendously and that’s another reason why he will most likely start."

"Kelly Gregg has always been a very influential person and done a lot for the city of Baltimore. The community loves him and that’s one thing you can look forward to. It’s sad to see him leave but I believe it is his time."

Riley’s views seem to fall in line with mine. Gregg is a good player and could have a great influence on the team and in the community. Still, he is aging and his play has declined. How will he hold up this season? It looks like we may find out.