Kansas City Chiefs Free Agents: Who To Bring Back?


The lockout is about to be over. When it does officially end, one of the first things Kansas City Chiefs Gm Scott Pioli is likely to do is start re-signing the team’s own free agents. The Chiefs have a number of players that will be available before actual free agency begins but if we are to believe the reports, Pioli will have a small window of time where he can re-sign his own guys without interference from other teams.

Let’s take a look at who has an expiring contract and who I think the Chiefs should re-sign.

NT Ron Edwards

Yes. The Chiefs drafted Jerrell Powe but other than him, Sweet Ron Edwards is pretty much the only NT on the roster. Even if the Chiefs are planning on going after Franklin or another NT prospect in free agency, it makes sense to bring back Big Ron. As a backup he would have excellent value. As a veteran to teach Powe, he has excellent value. Ink him to a one-year deal and get him to camp. He can always be cut later if need be.

DE Shaun Smith

Smith was perhaps the team’s second best defensive lineman last season. He played the run very well and was also an emotional leader on defense. Smith is a good player and he gives the Chiefs D some much needed swagger. On a team shallow on depth, Smith is a must to re-sign. I think Pioli will ink him right away. If he doesn’t, he’s a fool.

WR Terrance Copper

The Chiefs drafted Jonathan Baldwin but it isn’t like they are loaded at WR. Copper can’t really get open but he can still play special teams. He’ll be cheap, he works hard and he has value. Bring him back.

C Casey Wiegmann

Wiegmann is older than dirt but if he wants to come back then the Chiefs should bring him back for one last go round. Who better to teach Rodney Hudson how to play center in a zone blocking scheme than Casey Wiegmann?

S Jon McGraw

This one is tough because I love Quick Draw, but he is going down hill fast. He doesn’t appear to be contributing much on special teams any more and he was downright terrible against the Ravens in the playoffs last year. The Chiefs need some more speed and athleticism at safety to back up Lewis. Time to cut Jon loose.

LB Charlie Anderson

Who the hell is Charlie Anderson?

WR Kevin Curtis

Curtis is probably washed up but I would give him a contract and bring him to camp. The Chiefs have everything to gain and nothing to lose by having more receivers in camp. He is another guy who can be cut before the season if there isn’t room for him.

CB Travis Daniels

Daniels has value. He’s a veteran and played pretty well in fill in duty last year. Not a guy you want starting multiple games but he provides decent depth. He’ll be cheap.

LB Mike Vrabel


RB Jackie Battle

I like Battle but he is the odd man out. The Chiefs need to get someone a little better to be their eventual Thomas Jones replacement. It won’t be battle. Cut him loose.

FB Tim Castille

On my last Madden season, Tim Castille got injured and was out for the season. Then, on the sideline during the playoffs, they showed him giving Brandon Flowers advice. You don’t want Tim Castille giving Brandon Flowers advice on how to play CB do you?

OT Ryan O’Callaghan

Yeah, sure. Why not? Who else do the Chiefs have for T depth? He isn’t great but he’s worth three Damion McIntosh’s.

LB Corey Mays

Mays is terrible. Cut him loose.

TE Leonard Pope

Catches TD’s. Saves lives. Long live the Pope.

C Rudy Niswanger

If the Chiefs let Wiegmann walk then yes. Otherwise, he can go.

QB Brodie Croyle



Alright, that is my list. Who do you think the Chiefs should bring back Addicts?