Understanding The Points In The Livefyre Comments


Been getting some questions about the new commenting system so I just wanted to give a heads up on the main page.

The points you are seeing have to do with how many “likes” your comments have been given by other readers. You start out at 5 for signing up with Livefyre and then you get more every time someone “likes” your comments. So the better your comments are, the more likes you will get and the higher your score will be.

Right now all that gives you is bragging rights but as the Livefyre system continues to develop, it could mean more than that. The goal is to encourage quality, entertaining comments. So be smart, be funny and not boring.

For this to keep, you always need to login by the same means. Not sure who is leading the AA community in points so far. The highest I have seen is 40. Annnnd that would be me. =)

Anyone have me beat yet?