What Is The Chiefs’ Greatest Need?


The NFL Draft is long over and we now know a little bit more about what the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs will look like. The team addressed a number of perceived needs in April. They beefed up at the NT position as well as defensive end. The added a couple of pass rushers, including OLB Justin Houston. They drafted a G/C. They snagged much needed WR help by selecting Jonathan Baldwin in the first round. They even stocked the QB cupboard by taking Iowa signal caller Ricky Stanzi.

As the the team takes shape, I was thinking it might be fin to discuss what needs we still feel they have. Obviously the new guys are all rookies and we can’t expect all of them to step in and solve all the team’s problems all at once.

Presumably, a labor deal will be reached and free agency will happen. If it does, what positions/areas of need do you think the Chiefs should target?

I’ll get the ball rolling. I think the Chiefs should fill the following needs, in this order, with veteran players in free agency/trades.

1. WR

Baldwin is a rookie, McCluster is going to be playing RB more and the Chiefs still have big question marks at WR. Baldwin has loads of potential but teams all over the NFL are stocking up on CB talent. The Chiefs need more targets for Matt Cassel and a reliable, veteran guy in the slot could be the cure to what ails them. They could also use veteran target for depth as a #3. I still consider WR to be the team’s greatest are of need.

2. RB

The Chiefs are one Jamaal Charles injury away from disaster. Thomas Jones is not capable of carrying a full workload and succeeding and Dexter McCluster is much to small to be asked to carry the ball more than a handful of times without getting himself squashed by a big DT. Jackie Battle has never been tremendous and I believe his contract is up. After that there is no one.

KC’s entire offense revolves around the running game. If Charles was lost for a game or two the Chiefs could get by with Jones and McCluster but anything worse than that and they will be in trouble. This team needs another young, reliable runner who can take a beating. I believe Mike Tolbert from San Diego will be a free agent and the Chiefs should be all over that guy. He is tough, he is a beast and the Chargers seem to have a serious hard on for Ryan Matthews.

Regardless, whether it is Tolbdert or someone else, the Chiefs need another runner who weighs more than 180 pounds and who isn’t on social security.

3. Tackle

I thought about putting this one above RB. After Branden Albert and Barry Richardson there is absolutely no help at OT. The Chiefs have more wiggle room at G/C that they could survive an injury or even maybe two, there. At tackle, however, an injury could be devastating. Ryan O’Callaghan is a free agent and he would be wise to resign. Richardson still has a lot to prove. A veteran tackle would be a smart pickup for KC to help out until they can draft someone in 2012.

4. Safety

The Chiefs could use some help at safety. They are in good shape with Berry and Lewis but they lack depth. Jon McGraw is really starting to show is age so it might not be a bad idea to replace him with another veteran who still has something left in the tank.

Alright Addicts. Those are my top 4 areas of need. What are yours?