EA Pushes Back Madden 12 Release Date 3 Weeks


Most likely due to the NFL lockout, EA Sports has pushed the released of Madden NFL 12 back three weeks from August 9th to August 30th.

Alright, NFL, this means war.

You can take away free agency and put a damper on the draft with your squabbling over billions of dollars but when you take away my hours of sitting around in my boxers eating Cheetos, drinking malt liquor and whipping the crap out of the Raiders on Madden, you’ve gone too far.

That is why, as of now, I am going to begin planning a three week long pickup football game that will begin on August 9th.

On Rodger Goodell’s lawn.

Oh we’re gonna do it Goodell. Just test us.

Word comes from Pro Football Talk.