NFLPA To Hold “The Debut” Players On Draft Weekend


A couple of weeks ago there were reports that the NFLPA might want to hold their own event for players being drafted in the first round in an effort to deter the rookies from attending an event held by the very people that would lock them out the minute their name was called.

The NFLPA quickly realized that this was a terrible PR move. While I agree that it is silly for players to go on stage and hug Rodger Goodell, only to be immediately restricted from working or even signing a contract, I understand why folks don’t want the players to abandon the draft.

The NFL draft is immensely popular among fans and it is also something very special for the players who have worked so hard to reach the point where they are being selected at the very top.

To avoid the bad publicity but also to ensure that they have a way to welcome their new members into the fold, the NFLPA will hold an event for the players in NYC on draft weekend that will not directly conflict with the players getting to hear their name called at Radio City Music Hall.

Calling the event “The Debut” the NFLPA will hold a dinner for the invited players and their families at a hotel before the draft. They will also hold some events early in the day on Friday before the second round and a party after the draft on Friday night.

A couple of Chiefs players are reportedly going to be in attendance including WR Dwayne Bowe and union representative Mike “Eight-Pack” Vrabel.