Help Jamaal Charles Win The Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote


Jamaal Charles wowed and entertained us all season long and with his amazing running and now it is time to give him something back and make sure he beats out Maurice Jones-Drew in the Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote.

Jamaal has been tweeting about the Madden cover for a few days now and itis obvious that this honor is important to him and it is time for Chiefs Nation to come through for him.

Curse be damned!

Here is Jamaal’s latest tweet:

"jcharles25 Jamaal CharlesJust got word from Madden that I’m down by about 1% of the Vote to MJD….come on Chiefs and Longhorn fans let’s make it happen!"

Vote for Jamaal now!

Keep in mind that you can vote for Jamaal as many times as you like. Simply clear your browser history (you have to get rid of the cookies at least) then refresh the page and you can vote for Jamaal again.

Tweet this post to everyone you know. Post it on FB. Let’s help Jamaal move on to the 3rd round.