My Chief Concerns: A Deflating Football Interest


I, (presumably just like you), and the other writers that write for this blog, are blood thirsty die hard Chiefs fans who drink up every single drop, or even whiff, of blood.  We have been thirsting for Chiefs news and action for so many years that we cannot remember a time in our lives where our obsessed rabid fanhood was tempered by any sense of normalcy.  That is, until now.

The lockout has caused a normal, healthy, (or unhealthy), flow of information, opinion and news to completely dry up and wither away.  The lockout is rehab for the NFL addicted masses and the entire NFL (players and owners) are making a big mistake.  Instead of causing its fan base to become more obsessed, the NFL and its players association, is sending millions and millions of us (reluctantly, as always) to rehab.  (… and that is not necessarily a good thing if you are Dr. Feelgood).

I am not going to pick sides in the lockout debate.  I don’t care who is right or who is wrong.  I have no say in the battle.  But it is painfully obvious to anyone who peruses NFL blogs, websites, chart rooms, and the like, that the fan interest is not just down, it’s out!  Comments on this site and other major blogs (PFT) are considerably dormant. Even the top NFL writers are boring me to death with their scarce information. (Sorry Peter King)

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Some fans, like me, find themselves spending their extra time at their jobs working even harder, with friends, with family, focusing on finances, watching MMA, playing golf, etc.; generally just filing up the extra time and energy with other and even new interests. (I guess there IS more to life than just Chiefs football; blasphemy!).

It has gotten to the point where I can now actually imagine a season without NFL football, and it does not seem so bad after all.  In fact, a very tiny part of me is kind of hoping for a lost season to see just how this addict would survive.  (I cannot believe I just wrote that, and the other writers for this blog are probably pissed right now, but it is a bit true).  We all might deserve the perspective a lockout would offer. Yes that means you too.

My Chiefs and NFL bloodlust has now become a small appetite of apathy.  If the two parties cannot get together, that is ok; I will spend my extra time and money elsewhere.  Let them destroy, deflate, water down, or hinder what they have so damn good. The NFL is the number one sport in America. Let them all cut off their noses to spite their face.  They can call me when they figure it all out. I, and most likely you, will be back, but maybe not everyone, and perhaps that is what the entire NFL deserves.

That is just how if feel.