Madden 12 Cover Vote: Round 1 Results


EA and ESPN have released the results for the first round of the Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote.

Here are the results:

Advancing on the left:

Rodgers, Bradford, Woodhead, Nicks, MJD, Charles, Ryan, Hillis

Advancing on the right:

Rivers, Peterson, Brees, Sanchez, Vick, Andre Johnson, Ward and Willis

You can see the bracket here. Voting for this round ends on April 3rd.

My guess is this one is going to come down to Aaron Rodgers and Vick. Rodgers deserves it for leading the Pack to the Super Bowl and Vick is an insanely popular player to control in Madden. I think Rodgers and his SB pedigree will win out over Vick.

What do you guys think? Who will end up on the cover?