Jamaal Charles Leading Tim Tebow In The Madden Cover Vote


EA Sports is doing a NCAA style bracket tournament to decide on the new cover athlete for it’s popular football franchise Madden NFL Football.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is one of the finalists and drew popular Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow in the first round of the tournament.

When the news broke, I commented that it was a big unfair that Tebow was a finalist, given that he has accomplished very little in the NFL. I argued that Champ Bailey would be a much better candidate for the Broncos. I also gave warning to Chiefs fans that a Charles victory could mean the dreaded Madden Curse could, for the first time, come to Kansas City.

As of now, it looks like Charles is going to advance. ESPN.com just released an article to give an update on the first round Madden voting. According to the article, Charles is kicking Tebow’s rear.

"Another shocker is the fact that Tim Tebow, the man who was leading the NFL in jersey sales as a rookie, is losing to Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs, 64.9% to 35%. What happened to all of those Tebow fans out there? Are we seeing a fan backlash against the quarterback? Should EA Sports have went with Brandon Lloyd for the cover instead?"

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Tebow may be popular but I think that most NFL fans, when not voting for their own team, are fair-minded. Anyone who follows the Chiefs knows that Charles is a better NFL player right now than Tim Tebow and anyone who doesn’t follow the Chiefs, probably knows about Charles from playing fantasy football.

I doubt Charles will win the entire tournament but I think the fact that he is beating Tebow in the voting is a sign that NFL fans know who he is and that they respect them.

Good got Jamaal. Vote for Jamaal here. First round voting ends on the 27th.