NFL Labor Watch


Just wanted to drop a note to all five of you still following this site in the midst of the NFL labor negotiations that I am keeping an eye on things and I will drop a post as soon as we hear anything.

The NFL reportedly gave the players one last offer this morning and that offer is being looked over. The players were supposed to get an update from union rep DeMaurice Smith at 2. Smith reportedly had a conference call but we do not know yet what is going on.

Basically we could be looking at:

1. Decertification/Lockout (decertification must happen by 5PM)
2. Extension of talks
3. A deal

Keep it here. We coul dfind something out any time.

Update: Tweet from Chris Mortenson of ESPN:(2:39 EST)

"mortreport Chris MortensenDeMaurice Smith proceeded with his update @ 2 w players via conferencing. Owners’ team hopeful talks continue after their proposal today."