Arrowhead Adventures 2011?


As our owner continues to wage battle to preserve our 2011 season, my third payment of six to the Kansas City  Chiefs organization is on its way. It’s especially bad timing for my wallet, and for my outlook on the state of the NFL in general. Don’t get me wrong I love football, and love the Kansas City Chiefs. But it sure feels like the NFL and the players are biting the hand thats feeding them.

First of all the 18 game season seems to be no longer a possibility largely due to player opinion. Once again two of my ten season tickets are virtually worthless.

Second, the upward momentum of several seasons of rebuilding now appears to be in danger of flatlining once again amidst player and owner dissatisfaction.

So what am I doing about it? I’ll tell you. I called this morning and cancelled my order for a full season of red parking passes. I showed ’em.

The effect was obvious as the sales rep yawned and  told me she had removed the purchase from my account, and politely asked me if there was anything else she could help me with. “There damn sure is” I thought to myself.  But its like complaining to the high school kid behind the counter at McDonalds about the prices.

Still, I can’t be the only loyal fan voting with my pocketbook can I?

I’d cancel my season tickets all together but like an Ozark Mountain meth head, I’m addicted to my second row seats at Amen Corner.

But what else can I do? What can you do? What can we all do?

Sound off Addicts! Let me hear your thoughts on the very real threat of no 2011 season!