It wasn’t long ago that Dustin Colquitt was the best player on the ..."/>

It wasn’t long ago that Dustin Colquitt was the best player on the ..."/>

Dustin Colquitt On The NFL Labor Negotiations


It wasn’t long ago that Dustin Colquitt was the best player on the Kansas City Chiefs.

For those of you reading a website called Arrowhead Addict who are not Chiefs fans, Colquitt is the punter.

Now that the good old days of Herman Edwards’ run, run, pass, pun offense are behind him, Colquitt is struggling to find ways to remain relevant.  That might be why he took some time recently to talk about the NFL labor negotiations.

We haven’t really heard much from the Chiefs’ players on the negotiations since the end of the season. We know that Mike Vrabel and Brian Waters are a big part of the union leadership and have been representing the players in meetings with the league but even those players haven’t been talking too much publically.

As for the fans, most seem to want a deal to be struck quickly so they can get back to enjoying the game. Colquitt seems to agree that while the negotiations are important to the parties involved, the rest of the world has more to worry about than a bunch of rich people fighting over more money.

“Obviously, we’re fighting over millions of dollars,” said Colquitt. “But there are people in this world that fight over water and food and necessities like that. If we can look at it like that, I’m sure they can come to an agreement and we can keep on playing.”

I have to agree with Colquitt. The whole thing is just ridiculous. Normal people who work for the teams have lost their jobs already because of these negotiations and we can expect even more layoffs it things don’t get resolved. Never mind the financial impact on people who one sports bars, sell memorabilia and work in the parking lots. There are a lot of people who earn their living because of the NFL and those folks don’t have a seat at the table.

Colquitt realizes the importance of things getting worked out.

“We have a lot of players reps that are in Washington right now doing their due diligence and being at the meetings and trying to make this thing work,” he said. “As a player, I’m concerned about not working. We have a great product, and I just urge them to think wisely what they’re doing.”

Got to love Colquitt. I never like to see him on the field but when it is necessary I am always pretty confident he’ll deliver a great punt.

Too bad he can’t deliver some of his common sense to the owners.